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Welcome to our Fashion & Lifestyle DIYs category page. Exclusively, covering everything from covers fashion and sports clothes. Especially containing some of the largest and best-known brands in the world.

The explosion of digital, social and mobile technologies has, in a very short time changed consumer habits. And then again, drop in traditional sales of fast-moving consumer goods is compensated by the enormous growth in digital channels.

Whereby, customers are usually looking for a partner that takes responsibility for everything. Particularly, from quality control in production and the entire supply chain. In addition to deliveries, retailers or even end-consumers.

Fashion & Lifestyle Glamorous Edition

As the guests in attendance enjoyed coffee and snacks served at the café, models showcased different accessories such as jewelry, bags among other items.

Vendors were also present to display their items to fashion enthusiasts. Among big names present on the days was Fluffy Butter, Akusi Originals, Afritents Leather and VKirotet Designs. Learn More!

About the Global Fashion & Lifestyle Market

Basically, the global fashion & lifestyle market is projected to a high growth but healthy. According to the case study through the forecast period (2019-2023). In the end, improving the purchasing capacity due to hike in;

  • personal disposable income,
  • a number of smartphone users,

Not forgetting, the greater preference of customers to purchase fashion accessories through online channels are some of the crucial factors. In other words, driving the growth of the market.

However, the market is also confronted by some challenges. Such as;

  • rapidly changing consumer preferences,
  • high risk of inventory write off, and
  • vulnerability to technological disruptions.

Surprisingly, there are more efforts input by fashion retailers to provide;

  • a more personalized experience,
  • generation Z evolving as a lucrative customer segment,
  • innovations through technology,
  • revamping offline shopping experiences,
  • spike in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transaction activity, and
  • the emergence of athleisure.

These are some of the latest trends existing in the market that have been captured in this report.


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