Cloud Computing Technology gives users access to storage, files, software, and servers through their internet-connected devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Cloud computing providers store and process data in a location that’s separate from end-users.

Website Loyalty Point Rewards Plugin Guide

How Website Loyalty Point Rewards System Works In Detail

You can easily build a loyalty rewarding system for your web business. And, as a result, reward your customers for purchases, signup, review, referrals, and social shares. Deliver them a strong customer experience with a meaningful set of rewards. As well as nurture your customer loyalty to grow your revenue and acquire new customers with the best WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.

Streaming Live | Top 10 Best Live Streaming Apps To Consider

Streaming live is the broadcasting of live video to an audience over the internet. It can also be a one-on-one live video chat. Unlike pre-recorded videos that can be cut and edited, live streaming is just that – live and uncensored. All you need to be able to live stream is an internet-enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet, and a platform (such as a website or app) to broadcast on.

What is Tomoson?

Tomoson | The No #1 Web Platform For Influencer Marketing

Tomoson is a platform that connects you with influencers that specialize in your niche. By teaming up with Tomoson’s influencers, you’ll be able to reach the perfect target audience in a powerful way—with the voices of people who they already like and trust. I could simply say, Tomoson — is the #1 influencer marketing platform best for scoring links, mentions, and even reviews.