Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Technology gives users access to storage, files, software, and servers through their internet-connected devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Cloud computing providers store and process data in a location that’s separate from end-users.

What Is Brick-and-Mortar Store?

How Brick-and-Mortar Store Works | For Online Businesses

A Brick-and-Mortar Store is a business or retail outlet that has at least one physical location. For example, the traditional stores that you find in your local shopping mall are a good form of a brick-and-mortar store so to say. The overheads associated with a brick-and-mortar store are far higher than if your business is simply an eCommerce venture.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

How Cryptocurrencies are being influenced by Social Media

Notably, social media and other media outlets can cause the price of Cryptocurrencies to fluctuate, for better or for worse. Bearing in mind, trending news about a large digital currency exchange hack can cause a significant drop in digital currency value. For example, when Hong Kong-based exchange Bitfinex was hacked, Bitcoin’s value dropped 20 percent.

What Is WordPress Pagelayer?

Pagelayer | The No #1 Drag & Drop WordPress Site Builder

WordPress Pagelayer is a very unique page builder plugin that’s very easy to use and very light on the browser. Basically, it works with any WordPress theme as a real-time editor. Thus, you can use it to create beautiful web pages and websites in a few minutes! What’s more, you don’t need any programming knowledge when using Pagelayer.

What is Tomoson?

What Is Tomoson? The #1 Influencer Marketing Platform

Tomoson is a platform that connects you with influencers that specialize in your niche. By teaming up with Tomoson’s influencers, you’ll be able to reach the perfect target audience in a powerful way—with the voices of people who they already like and trust. I could simply say, Tomoson — is the #1 influencer marketing platform best for scoring links, mentions, and even reviews.

What Is LUCID Marketplace?

What Is LUCID Marketplace? It’s the No #1 Survey Platform

LUCID Marketplace is a programmatic research technology platform. The Marketplace enables anyone, in any industry, to ask questions of online audiences and find the answers they need – fast. Unlike Quora, they provide access to a global community of sample buyers and suppliers to deliver first-party survey data in more than 100 countries.

What are YouTube Ads?

YouTube Ads | The Main Ad Types & How Well to Advertise

YouTube Ads are the ads that play on YouTube videos you watch and are tailored to your interests. Meaning (the videos you’ve watched), are based on your Google Ad Settings – whether you’re signed in or not. When you’re signed in, these anonymous signals may decide which ads you see:– types of videos you’ve viewed.

What Is Metaverse?

What Is Metaverse? The Next Cloud Technology Outlook

Technically, Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space. Including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the Internet. In nutshell, it’s more of a concept that involves creating digital worlds that multiple people can inhabit at the same time.