Canon Camera: How Do You Choose The Best Model?

Eventually, How you choose the best Canon Camera will depend on what kind of photographer you are. For example, Pocket-sized Ixus models are ideal for family snapshots. While PowerShot Canon Cameras are a bit more advanced. But, real enthusiasts and pros will head straight for either Canon EOS DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras.

To make work easier, I’ve split my guide into DSLRs, Mirrorless Models and Compacts for ease of use. Also note that if you’re looking for bargains in general and you’re not just wedded to Canon, you might also want to check out on the guide to the Best camera deals right now, too.

That being said, Canon makes some of the best compact cameras on the market, not to mention, simple point and shoot cameras for casual snappers. Additionally, it also makes some of the best DSLRs too.

Canon Camera
A small, lightweight beginner DSLR for Canon Camera fans 

Why should you Buy Cameras on Black Friday?

Exclusively, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have always been a great time to pick up camera gear. Not forgetting, this is when camera retailers bring out their best camera deals. But, often for a short time only and while stocks last. So what do we expect to see this year?

Well, we think some of the best Black Friday camera deals in 2019 will come via the big-name brands. After all, you may not get massive savings on the latest models. Instead, the best deals are often on cameras, lenses, and accessories that are a little older, or the previous model.

So, Should you wait before you buy it? Not necessarily! Makers and retailers bring out promotions and deals all year round.  And in that case, you can be sure I/we/they’ll bring you the latest just as soon as they appear!

Why is the Canon Camera so loved?

Of course, consumers love the Canon Cameras for quite a reason. Because the brand offers world-class imaging and optical products. Including cameras, camcorders, printers, photocopiers, and even computers. The brand is always on the leading edge of technology, so it is developing a virtual reality headset.

As a matter of fact, Canon knows what people want, and the brand works around the clock to give it to them. And, when the holidays roll around, people start thinking about capturing those precious memories. The Canon Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are the perfect time to snag amazing deals on the cameras and camcorders.

Especially, that will help you make your memories last a lifetime. It’s also the perfect time to snag deals on holiday gifts for your loved ones – or yourself. Here is the – Canon Black Friday Week 2019 Ad,  Deals & Sales.

Top Canon Camera Black Friday Deals
Canon Camera: Black Friday Deals & Sales – (Shop Online)

Notably, Canon offers amazing online deals all year. If there’s a holiday coming up, whether it’s Christmas or the Fourth of July, you can count on Canon to offer online savings. You can also find free shipping promotions every day.

For example, you can get free standard shipping on all orders over $100 and free standard shipping on all ink, toner, and accessories. There’s also free express shipping on all pre-order products. Ordering early has its advantages.

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Which is the Best model of Canon Camera?

By all means, Mirrorless Cameras are the new big thing right now, and Canon’s APS-C format EOS-M mirrorless models are ideal cameras for beginners. While at the same time, the newer EOS R Camera and EOS RP full-frame mirrorless cameras are amongst the best mirrorless cameras you can get right now.

Having said that, keep reading to find out which is the best Canon camera for you. And also, don’t forget that the Canon Black Friday (Deals & Sales) is just around the corner, and could be the perfect time to buy. Lots of people will tell you DSLRs are old-fashioned and that mirrorless cameras are the future, but DSLRs still have a lot to offer.

Like chunky, grippable bodies, clear optical viewfinders, great battery life, and good value for money. Again, Canon’s DSLRs are split into APS-C cameras aimed at beginners and enthusiasts. With full-frame cameras aimed at experts and pros – and I’ve picked the following 5 Topmost Canon Cameras.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 DSLR Camera

1. Canon Rebel EOS SL3 / EOS 250D

The Canon EOS Rebel SL3/EOS 250D is not only brilliant for beginners but powerful enough for enthusiasts too. Not to mention, the pint-sized Canon Rebel SL2 (or EOS 200D) was a really big seller (you can still get it, in fact. But, its successor the Rebel SL3 (aka EOS 250D) improves on it in every way.

In fact, I believe it’s the best Canon camera for beginners you can buy right now. Canon’s top-of-the-range APS-C sensor with 24.1MP of resolution delivers excellent image quality. And also, Live View shooting with the LCD screen so easy and intuitive. As well as, with such good autofocus, that I’d actually say this is one of the only DSLRs.

Where composing shots with the screen is as easy as with a mirrorless camera. Canon also packs in 4K video, which was missing from the previous SL2, wrapped up in an ergonomically designed DSLR body that’s just about the smallest on the market.

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EOS 90D Review


2. Canon EOS 90D

The EOS 90D proves the DSLR design is still a winner! Whereas, the Canon EOS 90D is an astounding APS-C workhorse of a camera, available for a fantastic price. It combines the highest resolution yet seen in an APS-C sensor of 32.5MP. Equally, with a high-speed frame rate of 10fps, and it also manages glorious uncropped 4K video.

Its handling and ergonomics are a joy, reminding me of why shooting on a DSLR is such an enjoyable tactile experience. And it’s available for a welcome enthusiast price point – not to mention the fact that you get an optical viewfinder.

Above all, which many people still prefer compared to the electronic viewfinders on mirrorless cameras. Rumors of the DSLR’s death will have been greatly exaggerated if Canon keeps on producing models as good as this.

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3. Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Compared to the previous two, it’s the most affordable way to step up to full-frame photography. The EOS 6D II is Canon’s cheapest full-frame DSLR and the next step up from the EOS 90D. It might be affordable, but it’s far from basic. The advantage of a full-frame sensor is that it gives superior image quality.

Partly, because you tend to get more megapixels, and partly because the pixels (photosites) are bigger and can capture more light. The 26-megapixel sensor in the 6D II offers a useful advantage over 24-megapixel cameras. Also, it has a powerful 45-point AF system for viewfinder shooting and Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF for live view photography.

Again, it has a decent 6.5fps continuous shooting speed. What I really love is the streamlined handling and control layout and the fully articulating rear screen.

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EOS 5D Mark IV

4. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Amazingly, this highly regarded professional workhorse just keeps going. Furthermore, lots of people are joining in the DSLR vs mirrorless debate saying that mirrorless cameras like the EOS R are the only way forward. Yet the DSLR design still has lots of advantages.

Such as, a bright, clear, optical viewing system with no lag, better handling with bigger lenses, and much better battery life. Professionals in particular are very cautious about change, and it’s likely the EOS 5D IV DSLR will be one of the best cameras for professionals for some time to come.

It’s not a specialist camera designed to do a single type of work, but a robust and powerful all-rounder that can turn its hand to almost any professional assignment. The 61-point autofocus system is fast and powerful.  And even, Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology makes live view autofocus pretty fast and snappy too.

Although the 30.4-megapixel resolution isn’t the highest, it gives a great balance of resolution and low-light, low-noise performance.

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5. Canon EOS M50

Not only is it a mirrorless EOS M50, but it’s smaller and lighter than any EOS DSLR. Canon’s mirrorless EOS M range has been a bit of a mixed bag in the past. But, with the EOS M50, I think Canon has hit the sweet spot. This camera is easy to use for beginners but has an electronic viewfinder (so that you’re not just reliant on the rear screen for composing pictures).

Additionally, it’s being offered at an affordable price. The EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM kit lens has a retracting mechanism. Making the camera smaller to carry around when it’s not in use. Definitely, there is a small but handy selection of other EOS M lenses you can use with this camera.

Hobbyists might want a wider lens choice, but if travel is your thing and a couple of lenses is all you need, the EOS M50 is great. It’s just a shame the 4K video mode can’t be used with Canon’s speedy Dual Pixel CMOS AF system. Important to realize, regular full HD video doesn’t have this restriction. Even so, this is still one of the best Canon cameras for beginners.

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Others to Include in your List are;

What are the Canon Camera selection Terms?

Before hurriedly making a Canon Camera purchase or selection, there some mandatory guidelines you shouldn’t ignore. Whereby, the company offers A Complete and Elaborate Guide to Locating Canon equipment Serial Numbers. After all, knowing the correct serial number of your equipment is important for a number of reasons.

For photographers wanting to become members of the Canon Professional Services (CPS) program, the correct serial numbers of equipment must be registered. Simply put, in order to qualify for the CPS support service. In addition, having records of the serial numbers of all of your Canon equipment is also vital for insurance purposes.

As in the case of any loss of, or damage to, your valuable equipment it can help to establish the exact worth of the equipment. This guide shows you where serial numbers are typically located. For instance, on Canon EOS DSLRs, EF Lenses, Speedlite Flashguns and within Image EXIF Data.

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Surprisingly, one of the jmexclusives online users asked a question on How she can Take Pictures with Canon EOS Rebel T5i Camera. And in that case, before I conclude, it is important for me to provide her with an answer as follows. So, below is an elaborate answer (video tutorial) on How to Take Pictures with Canon T5i.

Basically, after your initial setups, it’s now time to take your first pictures with your Canon T5i! It’s very important to have a good grip to avoid the shakes and support the lens with your other hand. Then again, put your elbows in your body.

Since I may not elaborate on all the details, this video will first show you how to hold your camera. But, if you’ll have additional requests, suggestions or even contributions to the above review, please Contact Us. Or simply leave your thoughts in the comments box below this post.

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