Before You Buy New Slippers You Must Read This Guideline

How do you buy new slippers? When you go outside, you usually choose to wear any shoes or footwear according to the event you attend. But some people still use slippers even in the room. Wearing slippers indoors is common in America or Europe, but in Asian cultures, wearing gaiters in the room is not a common thing.

Besides that, is it safe for us to wear shoes at home after that shoes have been worn outside? Meanwhile, before we continue, we suggest you choose the wide feet use house shoes if you want a pair of slippers for people with wide feet.

A health expert said that shoes that have been worn outside bring risks of diseases and infections. When you’re outside of your home, you might step on various things. Even if you claim that your floor looks clean, dust particles and germs can still live there.

Health experts prefer to keep shoes that have been used outside the house. Germs from highways, office floors, or public toilets can be carried into your home through your shoes. A study conducted by the University of Arizona revealed that there are about 421,000 germs that live in your shoes.

Before You Buy New Slippers

Germs that could be on your shoes such as E. Coli bacteria which is the cause of intestinal infections, diarrhea, and even meningitis. Bacteria that can cause respiratory infections might also come into your house via the base of your shoes. You also need to know that chemicals and other harmful substances might be attached to the base of your shoes.

Before You Buy New Slippers

If you still dare to enter the house wearing shoes that have been used outside the house, it means you have allowed these harmful germs and chemicals to spread disease in your home. To keep your home clean, there are several ways to minimize the entry of germs. You can clean your house every day by sweeping the floor and cleaning the sofa and carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

As well as mopping the floor using a cleaning liquid that contains anti-bacterial substances. Another solution that can be done is, you can remove your shoes on the shoe rack near the door of the house and replace them with clean slippers to wear inside the house. But if you feel your house is clean enough, you are allowed to go barefoot in the house.

Your feet can become stronger if you don’t wear any footwear at home. You can also be more relaxed because the brain sends a signal that means your activity is finished and you can relax. In addition to health, there are also aspects of style that you need to pay attention to when you wear slippers, such as:


Wearing shoes that are still dirty in your house is quite dangerous. As an alternative, you can choose to wear slippers at home or go barefoot, depending on your comfort.  No one can doubt the comfort of the slipper. Your feet will remain comfortable and achy-free even if you carry them all day long. You may check out the velvet material and elegant metalware finish that make your feet beautiful all day long in a famous brand’s slipper design.


Who is the pioneer of all fashionistas wearing slippers? Many people guess that Gucci is the culprit. Since Gucci released a wide selection of Princetown slippers, for example with this floral print which is perfect for wearing with your beautiful dress, the slipper epidemic has spread everywhere. The slipper is equipped with gold-tone metal, you can also wear it with joggers or a-line denim pants.

It can make a girly or boyish style

Not only girly style, you who like this boyish style can also get a choice of slippers that fit your personality. Some famous brands have designs that are suitable both for boyish or girly styles.

Fashionista’s Favorite

A lot of fashion styles can be combined with slippers. This makes a lot of fashionistas try their combinations to see which slippers they can wear perfectly with their overall clothing.

Still Proper for formal and casual events

Far from being slouchy, slippers are the right choice for those of you who want an invitational marathon and still look chic. Your feet will be free from aches like you usually experience from wearing high heels. Despite your reasons to wear slippers, things that we’ve mentioned must be considered so you can make sure that your feet’ health can be ensured.

This is necessary if you want to prevent health problems from appearing on your feet. Furthermore, if you also like some designs of slippers, you need to make sure that they are comfortable for you to wear. This is important so your feet won’t get injured and you will not suffer from infections.

Additionally, you also must remember that all styles are pretty much fine as long as you are feeling confident when you wear them. It’s better that way instead of forcing the latest trend of slippers that make you feel less confident than usual. Instead, find the one which makes you confident the most.


Remember that confidence is sexy, and if your slippers make you feel sexy, you should wear them. This makes you feel comfortable and attractive at the same time. However, taking a few notes from other people’s suggestions won’t hurt as long as their recommended slippers are still matching with your style.

This way, aside from your ideas, you can also find other people’s ideas regarding slipper designs, brands, and types that, might be suitable for your feet. That’s it for the info regarding slippers in this article. Although this article is quite long, we hope you find it useful when it comes down to slippers. So go ahead and browse online.

During this pandemic, it’s better to buy slippers online instead of visiting real stores. This is much more comfortable and safer if you want to avoid the risk of catching the coronavirus. Remember to choose a store that sells good slippers at fair prices, especially the one with good reviews, ratings, and reputation.

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