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BuiltWith | Find Out What Websites Are Built With For Free!

Comparing BuiltWith with Wappalyzer,  I think there are some reasons why they have something different (and maybe better). First, the BuiltWith WhatRuns feature detects fonts, WordPress plugins, and themes (tens of thousands of them). Secondly, it has the ability to follow sites (and know what techs websites started using/ditched). Something many other similar tools can’t.

Next on, it’s very lightweight compared to its counterparts and arguably has better UI too. In addition, it offers more accurate data than the rest. BuiltWith can be very inaccurate as you might’ve already noticed. Overall, Wappalyzer is fairly accurate but limited in technologies. Not to mention, WhatRuns is trying to be the best of both worlds. Thus, BuiltWith stands out tall.

To enumerate, Wappalyzer is a Firefox Browser Extension that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytics tools, and many more (see what others say). That said, let’s now turn our attention back to the BuiltWith Technology Profiler overview below.

What Is BuiltWith?

Founded in 2007, BuiltWith is a website profiler, lead generation, competitive analysis, and business intelligence tool providing technology adoption, ecommerce data, and usage analytics for the internet. Eventually, it allows you to find out what website you are visiting and is built using its web browser extension for free. Discover what runs a certain website that you follow.

From Frameworks, Analytics Tools, WordPress Plugins, Fonts — you name it. Its free extension is one click away (download) for you to find technologies used on any website you visit. May it be Developer Tools and Ad Networks to WordPress Plugins and Themes. It detects even new technologies, upcoming tools, or even when there’s a removal of existing services too.

Notably, BuiltWith® technology tracking includes widgets, analytics, frameworks, content management systems, advertisers, content delivery networks, web standards, and web servers — just to name some of the technology categories it covers. You can watch its Screencast Demo for more details.

Its key products include sales intelligence, lead generation, and market analysis tool for web technology. As well as an API for automating web technology request lookups. Its team also provides weekly trends in internet web technology usage and global ecommerce sales trends.

How BuiltWith Technology Works

In reality, there are millions of websites that we all browse on a daily basis. And, we often find ourselves looking for a similar website to consume content from, shop from, or just generally explore. With BuiltWith Technology you can find websites related to the ones you’re currently browsing in seconds! Every web-based technology leaves a marker pattern on the websites it runs on.

Their built-in web tool detects almost everything that runs a website — frameworks, web technologies, CMSs (and their plugins), themes, and fonts to name a few categories. Using BuiltWith Technology Profiler Tool, upon looking up a page, it returns all the technologies it can find on the page. It’ll also enable you to see website traffic and key metrics for any website.

How BuiltWith Technology Works

Similarly, once you download the extension and start browsing your favorite websites, simply click on the extension. In order to see a list of recommended and comparable sites that are associated with the one that you’re currently on. BuiltWith algorithm recognizes built-in web patterns to detect the tech stack of a particular website.

Including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking, and traffic source. It’s the ultimate competitive digital intelligence tool for a complete 360-degree view. Particularly, those of your industry, competitors, and customers. In short, you can find out what websites are Built With using both it’s web platform or even its browser extension as well.

Key Features Include:
  1. Lead Generation
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Sales Intelligence
  4. Data Coverage
  5. Cyber Risk Auditing
  6. Alternative Data
  7. Report Filtering
  8. Use Cases
  9. All Features

The technology behind BuiltWith is designed to show that “people who visit this site also like to visit these other related sites”. Not to mention, when you download the extension, you join the community of users who contribute information anonymously regarding their browsing experience. More so, in order to improve the main site recommendation algorithm.

Main Tools Include:
  1. Datasets
  2. LeadsEye
  3. Usage Trends
  4. Keyword Lists
  5. eCommerce Lists
  6. Technology Investor
  7. CRM Integrations
  8. LeadsDiscovery
  9. Hyper Alerts
  10. API Access

BuiltWith cares very much about your privacy. That’s why using their extension requires enabling certain permissions first. Such as All Hosts, WebRequest, WebRequestBlocking, Web Navigation, tabs, storage, and context Menus to capture anonymized browsing data. This powers the algorithms that generate information on sites similar to the ones you visit.

This data allows them to understand website traffic numbers and flows — for the purposes of market research. For more information, please make sure that you review their Privacy Policy before you install their tools or even extension. Likewise, their community improves their algorithms every minute, ensuring fresh and up-to-date recommendations! Below are a few more uses:

#1: Lead Conversions

Build lists of websites from their database of 57,823+ web technologies and over 673 million websites. In particular, with data sets showing which sites use shopping carts, analytics, hosting, and many more. You’ll even be able to filter by location, traffic, vertical and more. Get advanced technology market share information and country-based analytics for all web technologies.

#2: Sales Conversion

Know your prospect’s platform before you talk to them. Improve your conversions with validated market adoption. Their browser extension is perfect for discovering new shopping sites similar to the ones you currently buy from. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something new or buy a gift, they’ll provide you with new shopping ideas instantly!

#3: Consume Content

You also love quality and relevant blog articles like ours, right? Want to find a new news outlet? BuiltWith got you covered! While reading your favorite content online, its technology will recommend new outlets to help grow your reading list. Even that fashion and travel blog you’re reading. There are loads more where that came from and it’ll discover them all for you!

#4: Travel & Leisure

If you’re planning your next vacation or need some day trip ideas, you can now get the best bang for your buck! With that in mind, they’ll provide you with related web links to the ones you’re used to searching for — you might just find cheaper travel options. Or rather, have a better experience on a more comparable, but different website.

#5: Business & Research

As the most powerful website affinity engine, BuiltWith is the No.1 research and lead generation tool for businesses. Find the highest quality content, discover competitors, conduct keyword research, and generate leads. Of course, by using the free extension to maximize your business growth opportunities. As well as to analyze your business and marketing needs.

BuiltWith® covers 57,823+ internet technologies which include analytics, advertising, hosting, CMS, and many more. Additionally, its Trends provides free information updated weekly regarding the most popular technology used on the web across all technology areas including analytics, advertising, frameworks, and website widgets.

Just like Wappalyzer, Similarweb, and WhatRuns, it’s quite less heavy on your browser too. In addition, it has better detection accuracy and recognizes even the latest technologies and plugins compared to its counterparts. It also uncovers fonts, WordPress plugins, and themes used on websites, which nobody else does at the moment.

It’s more than a CMS detector or framework detector: it uncovers more than a thousand technologies in dozens of categories. Access web traffic and key metrics for any site. Including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking, and traffic source. It has all major Browser Extensions inclusivity for you to download and even a Bookmarklet for you to install all free as well.

Similar Tools:
  1. WhatRuns
  2. Wappalyzer
  3. Similarweb
  4. Similar Sites
  5. WebSee

That’s it! All you need to know about BuiltWith Technology Profiler as a beginner webmaster. BuiltWith is free to use for individual site lookups forever. But, to upgrade to their premium version, you can see their Plans & Pricing for more guides, cancel any time.

Do you think there’s something we missed in this overview? Please, feel free to Contact their web team to sort you out. You can also Consult Us for more custom help. Not forgetting, you can even visit their Knowledge Base Page for more FAQ answers.

That said, you can also share your additional opinions thoughts, suggestions, contributions, recommendations, or even relevant questions in our comments section. Likewise, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and other web readers too. Or even Donate to support what we do as well as motivate our content creators.

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