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BrighterMonday is one of the best and leading online listing agency for corporate jobs and multi-companies. In addition to providing the general public with job tips and career mentorship. Equally important, BrighterMonday is East Africa’s No.1 job vacancies website. In reality, founded in Kenya in 2006 and operating in all East African markets.

Additionally, BrighterMonday is committed to the goal of maximizing the opportunities for East Africa’s job seekers and employers.

Building a stronger Employer Brand

Do you wish to appear in the next best 100 companies ranking? Would you like to improve your employee retention strategy? In the first place, you need to begin working on improving the aspects of your company. Especially that your employees consider important to them. Such as;

  • Give your employees a sense of pride: Your vision, mission, and values should make your employees proud to be associated with. Support them with tools they need to embody your vision.
  • Rethink your culture: Culture is a sum total of employee engagement and how well the company vision lives through them. Create such an environment. Involve them in shaping the company culture.
  • Provide career growth opportunities: Provide opportunities for upward mobility and lateral progress.
  • Encourage and implement diversity and inclusion: Diversity and inclusion encompass all spheres that make people unique and special, not just gender. Ensure your workplace has an environment where anyone of any race, age, tribe, and gender, can thrive without discrimination.
  • Endeavor to provide a competitive pay package: Work to ensure your remuneration packages are competitive in your industry. If your budget cannot allow you to compete with more established competitors, consider offering attractive benefits. See more!
BrighterMonday Salary Insights
How many times do you wish you would know how much your professional peers are earning in your industry and other industries?

Discover your Worth through BrighterMonday Insights

Most people dread the interview question; how much are you expecting as remuneration? Answering this question requires you to have knowledge of several factors in mind. Such as;

  • how peers with the same years of experience and qualifications are paid on average,
  • the size of the company and its market share in the industry,
  • as well as the industry the company is in.

Furthermore, it would be nice if there was a tool that pulls all these factors from industry data. And immediately giving you a rough estimate of the average salary in your role and industry, wouldn’t it?

Fortunately, there is indeed such a tool. The BrighterMonday Salary Insights Tool provides average salary insights for different job roles in different industries. Learn more about Job expectation Salary.

BrighterMonday and Odd Interview Question Answers

In the first place, interviewers know that you have probably gone through some common questions too. And luckily enough, you’ll have an idea of how the session will go. With this in mind, odd questions are often considered to;

  • gauge how fast you can think on your feet,
  • remain within professional relevance
  • and maybe tie the answer with the role you are interviewing for.

When you get a call to attend an interview for a position you applied, preparation for the interview is key. For example, one way to prepare is going through some of the common interview questions likely to be asked.

While you still expect some specific questions outside the common questions. Especially if you are in a specialized industry, nothing quite prepares you for random odd questions. They just pop out of nowhere.

You could have just finished explaining how a certain concept works in your field, then out of nowhere the interviewer asks you, “If you were an insect, what would you be?”.

You look at them stunned, trying so hard to control your face so you don’t look rude. How does whether you are a fly or a tick have to do with how you will save their sinking finances?

BrighterMonday Top 10 Weird Interview Questions

As can be seen from the BrighterMonday blog post, below are some of the questions that might drive you nuts. Including,

  1. If I gave you a mic and an audience right now, which song can you sing to the last lyric word for word?
  2. What do you think is the color of success?
  3. Do you consider yourself a hunter or a gatherer?
  4. How many balls can fit in this room (the room you’re in or another)
  5. Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?
  6.  and much more!

Interview Questions Guide from BrighterMonday

When asked an odd question during an interview, don’t panic. According to the BrighterMonday Consultants, here is how to tackle them. Such as;

1. Readiness and Composition

While going through common questions asked in interviews, go through odd, bizarre and weird questions as well. Awareness is the best form of preparation.

While you might not have answers for all imaginable odd questions, you will at least know of their existence and understand that they could be asked. You will not be so shocked when it actually happens.

2. Always have a follow-up explanation

Usually, there are no right or wrong answers to odd questions. The interviewers merely want to get an idea of how your mind works and how good your critical and analytical skills are.

So when you give an answer, be ready to explain your thinking.

3. Maintain a calm outlook

The worst thing you can do, even when you can’t find an answer, is to panic and let it show in your voice or body language.

The art of remaining calm comes with experience, so give yourself time and continue practicing till you perfect it.

4. Buy time when blank

When hit with an odd question that you had completely not considered, buy yourself some time. Instead of the awkward elongated silence, say something like, “That’s an interesting question.

What animal in the jungle I consider myself…mmmhhh” Then give your answer.

5. Tie it back to the role

This might be tricky but always think about the role you are interviewing for. Most of the time, interviewers ask questions related to the position in question.

Therefore, your answer should demonstrate a skill, quality or attribute related to the job or company.

For example, when asked what is the color of money and you are interviewing for an accounts position, you can say, “Green – because the company will be making profits. Green also signifies growth and richness.

6. Ask to answer later

If your mind is completely blank and a question caught you flat-footed, you might ask the interviewer to postpone your reply to another time within the session.

BrighterMonday Jobs Daily
You can think about it as the interview progresses and give your answer towards the end.

Therefore; are you ready to land your first Job Interview, Get Started with BrighterMonday Jobs!

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