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With Booth AI, you can easily and quickly create professional quality product photography using AI-powered technology. Quickly generate high-quality lifestyle photos by specifying your desired shot and uploading sample product images. Think of as your personalized photographer, someone who’s been with your company from the start while helping supercharge your digital brand.

This is someone who has a firm understanding of your brand guidelines and never sleeps! The application platform provides high-resolution (4k) images for your website or marketing materials. Still, some other unique editing tools are included in the forum, but if you require additional editing services, feel free to reach out to their support team to get more help from their qualified experts.

Product photography today—means expensive photoshoots ($500+). As such, Booth AI offers an opportunity to make product photography more available and use it as a competitive advantage for your business. Essentially, it unlocks new possibilities as you access surroundings that otherwise would be almost impossible to shoot in, like showcasing a shampoo by a waterfall.

In other words, with Booth AI, you can have professional product shots at a fraction of the cost in minutes. works with these users and organization types: small $ mid-size businesses, startup companies, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofits, and governments. With that in mind, let’s explore what Booth AI offers, its unique features, how it works, and why you need it in product photography.

Getting To Know Booth AI Pro-Quality Product Photography Generator

Booth AI is an AI-powered product photography tool that allows users to quickly generate high-quality lifestyle photos without needing physical samples. All that is required is a reference image of the product and a text prompt describing the desired outcome. Of course, the generated images are of professional-grade quality, with a resolution of 4K, for websites and marketing materials.

The intuitive platform is easy to use, requiring only a few simple steps to receive images in seconds. Booth.AI also provides editing tools and additional editing services. This tool suits retailers, manufacturers, and creative content creators for the digital online marketplace—particularly those looking to expand their image catalog and differentiate their brands.

As mentioned, Generative AI powers the application —it allows you to harness the power of Machine Learning (ML) to bring your creative vision to life. If you can describe it, the Booth AI Generator can bring it to life—unleash your product photography creativity! Let’s now learn how to use this application platform.

How To Use Booth AI

It’s pretty simple: upload your product photo, select your use case, write a prompt of what you want to see, and voila! The platform itself is straightforward to use – all that is required is a reference image of the product; these can be simple photos taken with your phone or sample photos provided by your customers. Just upload them with custom text describing what you’d like to see.

And then the app will take care of the rest! They have a free version that lets you see it in action with a few default products, but you’ll need a subscription—starting at $25 per month—to add your products or customize prompts. Once you subscribe, you only pay for the pictures you like and wish to download—start creating beautiful product photos for your online store, as follows.

Step #1: Open Your Booth AI Workflows Dashboard

Booth AI Workflows

Step #2: Generate Images Inside The Workflows Dashboard

Access Your Booth AI Workflows DashboardGenerate Images Inside The Booth AI Workflows Dashboard

Step #3: Sample Out AI Images Inside The Workflows

Sample Images Inside The Booth AI Workflows Dashboard

Step #4: Edit Your Images And Then Download Them

Edit Images And Download Them In The Best Format Using Booth AI

Remember, once you have generated a photo that generally meets your expectations, you can take subsequent post-processing steps to improve your results. For instance, Face Fixing is offered as a post-processing step for images in which AI-generated human models appear. PSD Download is also a post-processing step that costs incremental credits. You can select that option at checkout.

Note that the default image size is 2k. Otherwise, if you require larger (hi-res) images, select the ‘Enable 4k Resolution‘ feature before generating your pictures. It’s also important to realize that you cannot upscale photos after they have been developed—so choose that option if you know you will require hi-res/4k images. You are only charged for the pictures that you download.

Below Are Some Example Images That The Booth AI Tool Can Help You Create

The good news is that we’ve already tried it out and got some fantastic results! Overall, some trial and error is needed, with many images unusable. However, the post-production application tools like Enhance and Fix faces are making a huge difference!

Sample #1: Change Your Image Backgrounds (Product, Furniture, Fashion)

Change Product Backgrounds With Booth AI

These image background workflows (under the product and furniture category) were very smooth, and it took only a few attempts to get some stunning images. Starting from the marketing bottle product to leather seats image backgrounds customization.
Create Pro Quality Furniture Products Photography With Booth AI

Sample #2: Swap Your Model With A AI Model Choice

Swap Your Model With A Booth AI Model Choice

This took a bit more work (the Fix Faces option is your friend here), but we had some excellent results.

Sample #3: Turn A Flatlay T-shirt Photo Into An AI Model Wearing It (Beta)

Turn A Flatlay T-shirt Photo Into A Booth AI Model Wearing It

It took a bit more effort to get great images using flatlays, as it seems that this service just launched (it’s in Beta Version as of now). So, no doubt it will get better, but we still got some good ones. And with some light editing, they can be made extraordinary.

Sample #4: Turn A Simple Shoe Photo Into An AI Model Wearing It (Beta)

Turn A Simple Shoe Photo Into A Booth AI Model Wearing It

This feature is also in Beta Version, but the results are promising. The app seems to struggle with knees for now, so we generated much more impressive results after adjusting the zoom to be closer.

How To Make Your Images Even Better

How The Booth AI Application Tool Works

Taking it a step further, once you find an image you like, you can improve it by using their post-production tools, which include:

  • Editing: erase parts you don’t want in the photo
  • Enhancing: general improvement to the image – not sure how this works, but it makes pictures look so much better
  • Face Fixing: makes faces look more natural
  • Lighting: they have 4 different settings for adjusting lighting

Once done, you can download your product images and upload them to your online store, like Shopify or Etsy, or share your product photos on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. 

How Booth AI Application Tool Stands Out From The Competition

  • One-stop shop: they have so many workflows, and they cover most use cases you will ever need, not just one or two like the alternatives
  • Unique products: They offer products and scenarios no competitors have—like shoes and flatlays.
  • You only pay for what you like: Once you get a subscription, you can generate as many images as you want and pay only for what you want to use.

How fast is the Booth AI product photos generator? Super fast! What used to take days and weeks with a photo studio can now be done in seconds. Say goodbye to traditional product photoshoots!

Who Should Use Booth AI?

Booth AI is a game changer for so many businesses:

  • Ecommerce brands, photographers
    • Generate stunning images of your products – for clothing, furniture, CPG 
    • Fashion photography – put your clothes on new AI models to target specific demographics
  • Marketers, social media managers – you can now generate lots of social media content on a dime to supercharge engagement
  • Resellers and dropshippers – to quickly create compelling product photography and sell more

Excellent product photos are among the most significant drivers for converting customers to buyers, so ecommerce managers have no choice but to pay attention to generative AI and tools like Booth AI. But are product photographers going to be out of a job? Not anytime soon! They now use tools like Booth AI to stay ahead with pro-quality product photography for marketing.

Still, they generate even more high-quality images for their clients with much less effort. is already used by clients of all sizes: startups, small and mid-sized businesses, enterprises, and freelancers who work with these businesses. With that in mind, let’s explore what Booth AI offers, its unique features, how it works, and why you need it in your product photography.

Like Booth AI? Join Their Free Affiliate Program To Earn Money From Referrals!

Additionally, Booth AI Affiliate offers a hub for advocates to market their cutting-edge AI photography platform. You earn rewards for every person you refer by spreading the word about the application. Introduce your audience to Booth AI and make up to 30% recurring commissions! Note that the more customers you bring to Booth AI, the more you earn from each new customer.

How Booth AI Affiliate Program Works

Once registered as an affiliate, you get a URL (link) that is unique to you. You then share this link with your audience. When someone who used your link pays for a subscription, you get a commission of 20-30% of their monthly spend with them for the first 12 months.


Overall, Booth AI is the best tool right now in product photography! They offer Virtual Photoshoots As A Service to e-commerce brands that sell physical goods, and their product is a complete game changer. The AI tools are continuously improving, and with them, the image quality is enhanced, but it isn’t always perfect—you may generate 5 to 10 pictures.

Or even, sometimes, upto 20 photos before you get one you love. Also, Booth AI is very open that some products are not yet fit for AI—usually intricate items like jewelry. Booth AI works with all other product categories (including consumer goods, furniture, and clothing). It’s also important to realize that AI-generated photography can be sold like any other.

There is a growing market for AI photography, with some pieces selling for significant amounts. You must understand which license your AI images are generated under. These licensing terms can range from total commercial usage to limited personal use.

Top Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I try out the Booth AI application platform?

Sign up for an account, and they will pre-populate it with products and prompts for the categories they support (clothing, furniture, and packaged goods). Once you sign up, you can demo the platform using the pre-populated products and prompts in your account, but a subscription is required to upload your products. See the Booth AI Pricing Page for pricing plans and their Notion Guide for more information. Generate some sample images, and if you have questions, please contact the support team for more help.

2. How do I start working with the application workflows?

Upload an image of your product, select a workflow based on your product and image requirements, and describe the photo you want to produce. Hit the generate button, and your images will be rendered in seconds! Currently, they support furniture, clothing, and packaged goods. If your products are not in one of these categories, please sign up for the mailing list to be notified.

3. What kinds of images do I need to get started?

We recommend starting with high-resolution, well-lit photographs of your product. Remember that the camera angle in your input image will be retained in generated photos. The platform will assume that the objects or people foremost in your reference image will be your focus. If you wish to use AI-generated models, start with pictures of clothing on people or full mannequins for best results.

4. What are the application platform credits?

Each subscription with Booth AI includes a set number of redeemable credits that can be used to download images. The number of credits required varies by product category and workflow. Credits are valid for one month from your purchase date. You can determine the expiration date of your credits by calculating one month from the date of your last payment, as shown in the Billing section of your account. You can upload JPG, PNG, or Webp reference photos and download images as png or PSD files.

5. How many images can I upload, generate, or download?

There’s no limit to how many reference photographs you can upload or how many images you can generate. Your credits are only redeemed when you choose to download an image. Still, the number of images you can download depends on your account’s remaining credits. You will always have the option to see the credits required before downloading, and you can view your available credits in the left-hand bar. If you run out of credits, you can buy more or upgrade to a higher subscription tier for discounts.

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