Bollywood Movies | 2020 Best Films Must Watch Listed

Are you are a Bollywood Movies & Films lover? Of course, with or without the famed Kenyan commentator DJ Afro, you’ll agree with me they are top-notch. Especially, if you are the type of movie and or Tv series lover sharing my taste.

With an unending appetite for action-filled, thrilling and highly exaggerated graphic contextual stories, Bollywood Films fills the gap. Forget about the Bayhemsim or even the James Cameroon epic Hollywood feature films.

With this in mind, we can comfortably state that; – The world’s movie capital is not Hollywood but Bollywood.

How did Bollywood Movies & Films begin?

As a matter of fact, Indians are in love with movies, even though most films follow a similar format called masala (the word for a collection of spices). Movies are three to four hours long (and include an intermission).

In addition, Bollywood Movies include dozens of songs and dances (featuring 100 or so choreographed dancers). With top stars, the story between the songs of boy meets girl (without any kissing or sexual contact). And then again, followed by lots of action (though no bloodshed), and always – a happy ending.

Bollywood Movies & Films

In reality, fourteen million Indians go to the movies on a daily basis (about 1.4% of the population of 1 billion) and pay the equivalent to the average Indian’s day’s wages (the US $1-3). To see any of the over 800 films churned out by Bollywood each year. That’s more than double the number of feature films produced in the United States.

Although American-made films have been edging into India, only the blockbuster Titanic has ever made India’s top five list. One hundred and fifty U.S. films arrived in India in 1998. However, Indian films have become somewhat of an international obsession.

To learn more about the emergency of their Movies and Films, see the full Bollywood Industry Profile.

Rating the Top 2020 Bollywood Movies & Films

Well, don’t ask me if I speak Arabic, Nubian or even Indiana, all I need is the flow of the story, a pack of pops and am ready to roll.

Eventually, with so much going around the likes of Hollywood, Netflix, Fox, etc. most of the time, we are left empty. In fact, for most of the film industry giants, we are left dry for so long. Crossing fingers and craving for the next after movies or series.

Bollywood Films For Your 2019 Watch List
New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie 2019 | New South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi Full Movie 2019. Click the image for the watch link!

Sometimes, whether due to lack of enough budget or even reception, some of them have vanished from the scene just as they start. I must say, competition is stiff out there guys. As to who carries the crowd at the end of the day or which movie premiers first is a story for another day.

Not to mention, whenever something eye pounding pours in, we find ourselves loosing all the appetite. Inasmuch as you take the next few hours behind your screen, you need something enticing.

The fact being that, some of the movies end up boring and exhausting all our precious wee time. Adding salt to the wound, you seat around and start on a new series, for instance, but, endlessly take a break awaiting some sort of continuity.

Which are the Top 2020 Bollywood Movies?

For those so new to the other side of life, Bollywood Films, Indian Hollywood, refers to the Hindi language movie industry. In other words, based and with origins affiliated to India. In general, Bollywood Films carries the word that is often used to describe Indian cinema as a whole. But more precisely it means Hindi language movies only.

And for your information, Bollywood makes many movies each year. Whereas, many of Bollywood Films and Movies are called Masala movies. After all, amidst all the glamor and dazzle of Hollywood, people often forget about the world’s other movie capital – Bollywood.

Firmly established in Mumbai, which was formerly known as Bombay (hence the Bollywood nickname), the Indian film industry is expected to grow to almost 538 billion Rupees by 2019. Having said that, which are some of the Bollywood Movies & Films every beginner should watch in 2020.

Now that you have an idea of what is at stakes, you can see the full list of Bollywood Movies Calendar 2020.


Notably, in recent years, Bollywood movies have fared brilliantly in the box office and numbers have gone higher than ever. This success rate has made Bollywood the biggest film industry in the world and a financial powerhouse.

By the same fashion, today, many content-rich films are hitting the 100-crore mark. Above all, showing progress in the Hindi film industry. For instance, actors like Aamir KhanShah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan continue to rule the box office charts.

Surprisingly, among the highest-grossing Bollywood movies ever, only one film has a female actor in the lead role. All of these films are directed by men, with Rajkumar Hirani having the highest success rate.

Here: Ranking the 10 Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies of All Time


I hope you have a clear idea of which Bollywood Movies & Films you must watch as of 2020. But, if you need some more additions done, please Contact Us.

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