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The movie Black Panther is breaking massive records at the box office. Why is it BLACK? Why take MARVELS Glory?

But is there more at play? Why all of the sudden now does Hollywood want to promote black strength? Most of us aren’t asking these questions.

Notably, Black Panther is a movie serving witchcraft and the occult to the black community as being normal. Most of us don’t realize it because we’re so caught up with our blackness, we put it before our God.

Our blackness is an idol and it prevents us from seeing things clearly. Notably, in the 2018 film Black Panther, director Ryan Coogler stated that his depiction of Wakanda was inspired by the Southern African Kingdom of Lesotho.

Black Panther Review
The black community feels that they are finally represented.

Black Panther Wakanda Land Facts 

Important to realize, Wakanda is a fictional country located in Sub-Saharan Africa.

To say nothing of, it was created by the Marvel Comics to give an Origin Homage for the Black Panther Movie.

On one hand, Wakanda first appeared in Fantastic Four in July 1966. And was created by  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

On the other hand, Wakanda has appeared in various media adaptations. Including the 2016 Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain America: Civil War.

As well as the 2018 films Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.

As a matter of fact, Wakanda is located in East Africa, although its exact location has varied throughout the nation’s publication history.

Whereas, some sources place Wakanda just north of Tanzania, while others such as Marvel Atlas show it at the North end of Lake Turkana.

Remarkably, between South SudanUgandaKenya, and Ethiopia (and surrounded by fictional countries like Azania, Canaan, and Narobia).

However, in recent stories by writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, Wakanda is located on Lake Victoria, near Mohannda, Canaan, Azania, and Niganda.

Black Panther Wakanda Land
A Visit to Disney’s Real Life Wakanda With An Insufferable Butthead

Explained Facts About Black Panther

In the first place, the Movie, Black Panther has served its purpose of creating debate, controversy, disgust, disbelief and even the loss of friends, family, and associates.

Generally speaking, like in the political spectrum, one is hard-pressed to speak against it.

Inasmuch as it will garner outrage that one would be so daft as to not see the historical impact and paradigm shift it has and will continue to create.

In reality, it has aptly captivated the minds of those who were seemingly awake and brought them back to slumber and the minds of those already slumbering into an even deeper slumber.

Along with that is has topped box office expectations within the first two weeks reaching the 1 billion dollar record for any Marvel Comic Universe movie.

It has been creatively marketed to entice and has altered the minds of those who view it.

Below is the Black Panther Part One Official Trailer.

Facts About Hollywood Manipulation

Above all, this fantasy has created a paradigm shift towards the support and acceptance of what Hollyweird can do.

For instance to change the image of a people from powerless to powerful, all amidst the backlash of Hollyweird scandals.

People who heretofore were reticent to support anything “Hollywood” have changed their minds.

And now support Hollywood’s attempt to create a so-called better image of Africans and African descendant folk.

Even the most skeptical have reached into their pockets to pay the piper for this hypnotic song.

As a matter of fact, they argue that while they are aware that it is just a fantasy, it can still have an impact on how Hollywood will treat its People.

Especially those of color with more respect, dignity, and adulation, thus opening the door for more People of Color to advance beyond the racist epithet that is Hollywood, hands down.

They argue that now People of color can have more opportunities to be in the limelight when heretofore, they conveyed a very deep concern.

In particular, for the Hollyweird lifestyle, its extravagance, its discrimination, its scandals and its misrepresentations of People of Color.

Summing Up

In conclusion, whether Black Panther is campaigning for or even practicing witchery, the fact remains that; the movie is quite fascinating.

Especially, with the rise of new Kings and Queens from the infamous Wakanda Clan representing the People of Color on the Hollywood shoulders.

Not only is the victory outrageous, but it also suppresses the tainted name Hollywood have had before Black Panther broke the internet. So to say, If you know you do!

It requires no rocket science to comprehend. In fact, there are various sources emerging with incriminating evidence in regards to the Hollywood undertakings.

But, inasmuch as there is an ongoing incrimination on the Black Panther production, it is important to realize that this is a breakthrough to many.

Moreover, controversies, conspiracies, and even theories surround us every day. From Jay-Z, his wife Beyonce and even Diamond Platnumz believed to be part of an Illuminati Cult.

However, it is time to celebrate Marvel’s Blockbuster Movie ‘ Black Panther‘ and even ask for more. As much as you’ll enjoy watching, what else would you ask for?

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As can be seen, Black Panther not only broke the internet, but it also brought in divided views on its whole production theory.

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