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The Best Online Calculators For Students With Some Examples

Of course, we all need online calculators at some point, get the ease of calculating anything from the source of Not forgetting, there was a time when the only way to calculate numbers was by using fingers, toes, rocks, shells. And that was the time when human civilization thought about inventing the machine that can make their life easier by calculating large numbers.

For your information, Abacus was the first invented calculator. And thus the beginning of mankind’s interest in calculating machines just started. Evolving from a simple adding machine to online calculators. But, to understand the different types of calculators one must know what a calculator is.

What Is A calculator?

Basically, an online calculator is a small electronic equipment that is used to calculate numbers ranging from simple arithmetic to complex mathematics. You can also call it a digital computational device. Particularly, since it helps you to calculate large numbers in just a blink of an eye. No doubt calculators make our life easy by performing numerous types of tasks.

With some tasks involving adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Surprisingly, there are so many types of calculators according to the field in which they are used. Students use simple calculators in the classroom to solve simple arithmetic. Simple calculators show results on an LED and use battery and solar cells or a combination of both.

Why Are Online Calculators Essential?

Eventually, there are so many virtual online calculators available, generally, an online calculator is used to make life convenient. Above all, technicians continue to make improvements in calculator technology. And now there are numerous advanced types of calculators available in the market. Especially, that lines between simple to complex.

1. Timesaving:

The solution is a finger’s click away from the issue you are facing. Everyone can find a solution to the online calculator websites quickly, thus, it can save a lot of time.

2. Easy to use:

Online calculators are easy to use without anyone’s help. The instruction guides are given to use the online calculators easily. At first use, you may find it difficult but once you have used it, it will become easier.

3. Easy to access

Online calculators are easily available on the internet at your computers or mobile phones. One can access them from anywhere and anytime.

4. All in one solution

You can find all the solutions in a single online calculator from a single addition question to complex equations. The multipurpose calculator can play different purposes like currency converter, standard form calculator, probability calculator, discount calculator, LCM calculator, sig fig calculator, etc.

Categories of online calculators for students

Calculators that are available online for students have several practical applications. These are some specific types of calculators that you might find online;

A. Standard form calculators:

It’s important to realize, that a standard form calculator is also known as a scientific calculator. Whereby, it’s a free tool that is used to change the number in the standard form. The online standard form calculator tool offers the conversion more quickly and it is also better for students as it reveals the standard form of the number.

How to use it?

We can use the standard form calculator as follows:

  • By entering the figure or decimal number in the input
  • Now press the button “Convert to Standard Form”
  • The standard form of the number will be displayed as an answer
Example Question:

Convert the number 25800000000000


Given number: 58200000000000

The standard form of the given number is 5.82× 1013

B. Sig fig calculator:

In reality, the minimum number of digits needed to express a number in scientific notation without a loss of accuracy. Additionally, significant figures are digits in the coefficient of expression in scientific notation.

Significant figure rules:
  • Non -zero digits are always taken as significant
  • Captive zeros are significant such as in 608 all three digits are significant
  • Trailing zeros are only significant if there is a decimal point or a bar above a zero such as 1200
  • Whole numbers have always an infinite amount of sig figs
How to use it?
  • Enter the integer that you want to convert in scientific notation
  • Press e notation and then select the enter button
  • The calculator will show the answer

CO2 present in the atmosphere has a partial pressure of approximately 0.000356 atm. This number has three significant figures but leading zero is only place-keepers and causes some confusion so it can be expressed in scientific notation.  So, it can be express in scientific notation and it becomes:

3.56 x104

This is much less ambiguous as sig. figs. are clearly shown.

C. LCM Calculator:

LCM calculator is used to estimating the least common multiple of a set of two to 10 numbers. An online LCM calculator is a tool especially established to calculate LCM of two or more numbers. LCM (least common multiple) two numbers is the smallest number that can be divided evenly by those original two numbers.

 How to use it?
  • figure or decimal number are entered in the input
  • press the button “calculate LCM”
  • the answer will show on the output screen
  • The “reset” button is used to clear the form and the new calculations can be started again

D. Probability calculator:

To enumerate, the Probability Calculator is an online tool for analyses specially planned to find out the probability for a single event and multiple events. The mathematical definition of probability extends to infinite sample spaces, and even uncountable sample spaces, using the concept of a measure.

The probability of an event is the ratio of the numbers of cases m favorable for the event to the number of total outcomes n possible in an equiprobable sample case.

The formula for calculating probability:
How to use it?
  • First of all, divide the number of events that occur to the number of possible outcomes
  • In the end, it’ll give the answer to the probability of a single event occurring

E. Discount calculator:

Simply put, a discount calculator is a tool to calculate the list price, discount percentage, and sale price that have numerous mathematical and statistical applications. By the same fashion, it can also help in finding discount saving amounts.

Formula used:

For example, we can calculate the discount from the list price and sale price. In that case, the following is the formula used to calculate the discount. Whereas;

  • D= discount price
  • S= sale price
  • L= list price
How to use it?
  • The discount price can be measured by minus the list price from the sale price.
  • Then again, divided by 100 and multiplied by the list price.


As can be seen, these online editions of all calculators use the same principles as your manual calculator. But they are much easy-to-use with access to massive databases of related information. In addition, they are also money-saving thus not just students but pretty much anyone can take advantage of them by just clicking on fingers on the keyboard.

It also shows that calculators are not just tools for the use of engineers, scientists, and accountants anymore. Finally, if you’ll need more help, feel free to Contact Us or even leave your questions and additional thoughts in the comments section. All in all, please don’t forget that you can also donate to support our blog research and other ongoing projects here.

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