Benefits Of Partnering With A Software Development Contractor

In this guide, we are going to review some of the benefits of consulting/partnering with a software development contractor that you can trust. This is someone who is ready to stand with your conduit to the most cutting-edge technological innovations — from Web and Mobile to Big Data to the Internet of Things and the like — deliver unparalleled value.

Bear in mind, that if you’re well-versed in programming languages, you can consider a career as a programming contractor as well. While this job requires great focus and strong attention to detail, it also allows you to work in many industries and for a wide variety of employers. Understanding this role and how it differs from full-time programming can greatly help.

Especially, in order for you to determine whether or not you should pursue this career path. That said, in this article, we also define the role, duties, skills, salary, and job outlook of a programming contractor, list the steps for pursuing this career, explain the differences between contracting and employment and answer common questions plus the best contractor.

And not just any other contractor, but it’s someone that you can heavily rely on their expertise and many years of experience in managed team extension + an agile squad to drive your business needs amidst the competition. So, stick with us so that you learn a few things that will revolutionize the way you think about partnering with a software dev contractor.

Who A Software Development Contractor Is + Key Benefits

By definition, a software development contractor (also known as a contract programmer) is a programming contractor who writes computer code for software applications on a contractual basis. But, while some work for a company temporarily, others, basically, work on a fixed-length contract. Typically, they create software applications with coding languages help.

Whilst, ensuring both software and operating systems work properly. In addition, most programming contractors also work alongside other software developers to help create software programs for different businesses. That said, as a programming contractor, you need certain skills in order to perform your duties successfully as per your client’s demands/needs.

If you have your own portfolio website, you can start by having these skills, and highlighting them on your best-selling location (the homepage for instance) as well as listing them down on your resume (like your LinkedIn profile or other task-based freelancing sites like Fiverr) — which can quickly and easily help you to get your very first contract head-on.

As aforementioned, some of those industry-leading programming contractors, typically, create software applications with a variety of coding languages at hand. More so, to ensure both software and operating systems work properly. They’ll also work alongside software developers to help create software programs for different businesses. But, there’s even more!

The skills a good software developer must have:
  • Eloquent software development and programming skills: Programming contractors need extensive programming knowledge and expertise. This means understanding a wide variety of coding or programming languages.
  • Critical code management chops and attention to detail: These developers use their attention to detail to find errors in the code they write. It allows them to spot and correct these errors to ensure a working software application.
  • Quality-assured work plan and problem-solving skills: A great software development contractor must have strong problem-solving skills — to solve errors in code you may come across.
  • Outstanding experience in bugs and code error fixing: Not only do they need to identify the coding errors in the software they build, but they also need to know how to fix any bugs to ensure the application software program works well.
  • Attention to detail and flexibility to changes in technologies: It’s worth mentioning that the world of web platforms design and software app development will never be static — it’s an industry that’s influenced by many moving parts. As such, every software development contractor should be able to adopt and implement such changes on a go.

Forthwith, did you know that there were an estimated 224.3 million smartphone users in the states alone back in 2020? Now, just imagine how many software application users are there today worldwide. By 2025, the number is expected to even skyrocket to a billion-fold of mobile software-based application users — with an almost 90% user conversion rate.

Is It Worth Consulting A Software Development Contractor?

Realistically, unlike a majority of us (designers and developers), most web-based viewership today occurs on mobile phones instead of normal desktop computer gadgets. So, the take-home message here reads quite loud and clear — your web-based business needs a smartphone-run application so that it can penetrate the competitive tech marketplace.

After knowing how the market stakes are, the next thing is to consider partnering with the likes of Svitla Systems, to begin with — whether you want to join as a team or even to partner as your business software design/development solutions provider. For one thing, they are a great global trusted IT solutions company headquartered in California.

Svitla Systems Software Development Contractor Solutions

Not to mention, their unique business and development offices are spread out throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. And they are very ready (24/7) to become your reliable technological partner — bringing real business value through digital transformation, innovative technologies, and the solid expertise of their dedicated technical teams.

A great software app designer/developer partner will make sure that you’ll earn bask your Return On Investment (ROI) from your target website users as well as potential business customers. Particularly, all those who loved your business, brand, products, services, and the like, but you couldn’t catch up with them since they shifted to using mobile apps instead.

Why You Should Partner With Professional App Developers

Rather than doing it yourself (if software developer) or involving your in-house software development experts to be precise — to handle your app development projects, it’s a good idea to consult an external software development contractor (like Svitla Systems as such) to handle things for you instead — there are many benefits in regard to that.

By all means, there are just so many benefits of consulting, or rather, partnering with a trustworthy software development contractor — such as those from Svitla Systems and the like — to handle your business software development projects. A custom software development company that has the expertise and resources will provide an exceptional user experience.

Do not opt for a one-off utility to solve a short-term problem as it will not serve any purpose. It’s advisable that you invest more to get a highly polished user-friendly application system. This will truly be a success for your business. What’s more, a great contractor will also be knowledgeable when it comes to both your business and user security and safety issues.

Some of the other partnership benefits are as follows:
  • An outsourced software development contractor will help you develop credible industry software apps
  • They’ll also write business software for you that’s created by some of the best software engineers
  • They’ve got the wide experience to code instructions into a computer using a programming language
  • Similarly, they’ll also ensure the logical flow of computer programming language to your demands
  • With a great software development contractor, delivery time is never a worry plus they’ll run all code tests
  • They’ll review code errors to ensure programs run smoothly and don’t affect User Experience (UX) in any way
  • Update the medium they’re working on by modifying code and making necessary adjustments as needed or requested
  • They establish a relationship with clients and consult with them regarding technical solutions around the clock

But, the above list of benefits to enjoy from an outsourced software development contractor is not exhaustive. For one thing, aside from being a little bit cost-demanding, there are so many other custom and tailored advantages affiliated with this kind of partnership. Something that you can’t rely upon to get from your already exhausted in-house task force.

Before you go for an outsourced software developer, you should identify the main distinct scenarios of when it makes total sense to partner with a software solutions development contractor first. Including but not limited to a lack of in-house expertise, resources, a strict timeline, and the need for budget optimization. That said, let’s walk through each one.

1. You Would Want To Optimize Your Budget

In the first place, given the rise of technology use, most companies are already looking for a way to be more cost-effective. Whilst, partnering with a software development contractor — an excellent way to optimize their business budget. For instance, the hiring process can be quite expensive as it involves screening, recruitment, onboarding, training, and the like.

Fortunately, through outsourcing, you can negotiate seniority level, locations, and scope of work to optimize your costs. When you work with an experienced and knowledgeable custom software development company, on the other hand, you can be sure that your project will be built to industry standards and that you won’t be alone if something goes wrong.

At all costs, minimizing your product to stay within budget is the best move here. So as to focus on your unique value prop. To start the project, most apps have both a fixed and an incremental cost. What’s more, many dev shops have this fixed cost in terms of allocating a full-time resource to your project, or potentially multiple resources (QA, UX, PM).

It’s, important to realize, that their initial payment salary asking highly depends on your business needs, your location, and your geographic location. The best thing is to look for a long-term software development contractor: With a team that becomes quickly vested in the success of your business application project just as your own team would.

2. Have A Fully Managed + Unified Team Extension

In essence, a managed team extension will now become a part and parcel of your already existing team members. Meaning, that they will be able to seamlessly work on your business project only. With the Team Extension Model, the outsourced software developers become an integral part of your business team during the entire app development project.

Whereby, they’ll carefully select each team member based on the requirements and expertise you need. They immerse themselves in your project, maintaining your company culture and working in line with your strategic goals. You’ll also need someone to cater to all ongoing bug fixes & support: You can rely on the team 24/7 for availability and assistance.

Specifically, some contractors will roll out their already tried and tested strategic development plans. So that you can easily and quickly get all the help you need to translate your business goals into technology plans, even before you build your in-house software management team.

3. Military Grade Data Security And Privacy Safety 

Although it happens quite often, no one would want to experience any app-related personal data breaches or have any safety concerns in regard to their private data. Unfortunately, this is something that has seen the drawback of many web-based businesses as well as the downfall of many companies (even big entities for that matter). Thus, it’s a key tool.

Before outsourcing your potential partner, answer questions like: Will the software application have sensitive data, like – classified information, proprietary business information, etc? What will be the risk involved if the software works incorrectly? Will your software development contractor be able to manage and solve any data-related issues on time?

For such and many other reasons, you should try to ensure that the custom software development company you choose is insured to work on high-security/high-safety systems. In this way, they will implement essential steps to protect proprietary and personal data.

4. Limitless (Before + After) Service Solution Support

Equally important, a trustworthy contractor will be able to come clean — right from the start — and discuss the before and after-development support services with their software development partners. They’ll commit (in writing) to provide software configuration, software orientation, software customization, software maintenance, and software backup services.

Remember, these are the best in the market by the time of your shorting. Therefore, they must be able to offer you a variety of web-based and app-related business solution services. Including but not limited to the sphere of cloud computing, enterprise applications, mobile applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), agile business software utilities, and the like.

Chiefly, besides rendering you enterprise web-based design and application software development services, these contractors can also match-out your in-house team in other fields as well. Such as CRM technology tools, custom platform add-ons, marketplace product mockups, user-friendly websites, AMP-ready mobile apps, cloud-based data support, etc.

5. Get Unlimited Round The Clock Consulting Support

With smart delegation, there will be no need to assign internal staff to build a project from scratch. For even faster results, with an agile-based squad approach, short interactions guarantee that every step of your project is implemented on time. Not to mention, with transparency and quality control, everything else will work smoothly right from the start.

And, because every client is unique, they’ll have already developed an engagement model tailored for your unique businesses — may it be a start-up or even a Fortune 500 company. This means, that it is easy to hand over the requirements to a ready-to-go AgileSquad and check in with them periodically. What about situational application software assessment?

Well, with a great software development contractor, you’ll receive a second opinion about the challenges you are facing, and clear recommendations to move forward. They’ll also act promptly to mitigate any unforeseen future failures.

How To Choose The Right Software Development Contractor 

As an example, being exposed to client projects across different industries (including healthcare, manufacturing, SaaS, public sector, e-commerce, and the like), the Svitla Systems team of professionals has had the opportunity to spot what truly matters — when partnering with a software development company and what the expectations are from both sides.

Next, they cover how to connect the dots of your project with a strategic software development contractor. Specifically, in order to bridge the gaps between your goals and the different formats and parameters of working with a contractor. So, with that in mind, the question that lingers in your mind is this: When should you attract a software development contractor?

 Svitla Systems Managed Team Extension Model

Unlike regular programmers, programming contractors work on each job or project on a contract basis. Instead of a full-time position, they work for companies or corporations for a limited amount of time. While they don’t have the job stability of full-time programmers, they get to take advantage of the flexibility of their own job in delivering maximum output.

Equally important, they have the opportunity to work in multiple industries. Meaning, that this is a window of opportunity to meet and partner with a software development contractor who already knows the ins and the outs of the industry (by niche or demographic) quite well. They’ve got a variety of skills at their fingernails and experience is what they breathe.

The simple steps to integrate a select business partner:
  • Choose your software development contractor from the list of the best
  • Make sure that you learn what others have to say about your topmost candidate
  • Visit their website to gather more details and information about them and what they offer
  • Learn how they deliver (how they work) and gather more from their list of services and solutions
  • Thereafter, make your first contact with them and, specifically, state your needs in your message
  • Not forgetting, you can also call them or even schedule a virtual meeting if you so wish
  • Wait for their feedback (in your email) and then respond to them as per their message

After that, there are a few things that will take place — between you and your potential contractor. Whilst, keeping in mind, that every software development contract has its own/unique terms of service. Including their solution services support stages, delivery work plans/modes, payment methods, communication channels, integration processes, etc.

But, this is nothing to worry so much about — you’ll have already built some form of trust during the initial stages — so as to streamline the whole process of your app development request. Your contractor will give you their most preferable time for the actual delivery stage — amidst this, you’ll be in full touch and see the progress in each design/dev stage.

A few things before you choose your preferred developer:
  • Go through a few of the past projects to get an idea of the type of applications.
  • Learn about the different software development technologies like Windows and UNIX.
  • Make sure that they already know about your business, it’s needs and the best way forward.
  • Talk to other folks in your network to get referrals for custom software developers.
  • The quality of coding will directly influence the quality of the application built,
  • So, choose a custom software development company that has a proven track record of on-time delivery.
  • Do not choose a team of geeks, sitting in a dark room, coding, completely isolated from the rest of the world,
  • Instead, go for a software developer with great technical skills to build your app, and also good communication skills.

Technically, any aspiring programming contractor needs to meet certain qualifications and requirements in order to get work as a programming contractor. However, these requirements often vary by employer. For beginners, most programming contractors often work for companies, computer manufacturers, or government agencies on a per-project basis.

Additionally, they may also work for large corporations in a variety of industries. The best thing is that programming contractors don’t have typical working hours. This means, that as a programming contractor, you can expect to work within the timelines set by the client. Thus, if you’re working on multiple projects, you may end up working long hours.

Takeaway Notes:

Be that as it may, as a business seeking to consult a software development contractor, there are also some common entry-level job features to consider from your preferred programming candidates. So that you’ll never miss out on a well-abled individual app designer/developer while rushing out to look for professionals and experts at an extra fee.

Perse, it’s good to give everyone an equal chance in this field. Some have not undergone higher learning in academic settings, yes, but their prowess, skills, and other chops may be unmatched by their other well-learned and educated counterparts. Always remember, that at the end of the day, knowledge and expertise are very important developer aspects.

On that note, some common entry-level positions for programming contractors include junior CSS/HTML developers and junior full-stack developers. Both positions help aspiring programming contractors grow their developer skills and provide a solid foundation of knowledge for this profession. So, give them an equal chance while shortlisting the others.

That’s It! A few things to know about the role of a software development contractor plus the key benefits to consider in outsourcing your business for the next app design/development projects. So, what’s your take on this? Is there something else that you think it’s worth mentioning in this guide? Let us know in our comments section, and thanks for your time!

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