The Main Benefits Of Doing Business In UAE Territories To Note

Doing business in UAE is well-known as a key location for trade and commerce. It has the advantage of its geographical position, serving as a bridge to Asia, Europe, and Africa In addition, the introduction of new regulations from the government that facilitate easy business transactions and establishing companies provides the UAE an advantage over other nations.

The Main Benefits Of Doing Business In UAE Territories To Note

1. Geo-Location Measures

The UAE is a strategic advantage in relation to its geographical position, which gives an advantage to international trade flows at a lower cost. The UAE’s extensive network of airports, ports and international transportation systems makes it easy to ease trade and business. The UAE also has international trade agreements with many nations around the globe, which include South Asia, Europe, Africa, and America which makes it much easier to conduct business.

2. New Government Regulations 

To attract more investments into the economic activity of this nation, the UAE has promulgated laws to reduce regulations of the government by 30 percent in the coming three months and also launched the Sharjah Media City Free Zone too. The move was made with in mind the well-being of all citizens and residents which will allow for a more investor-friendly economy.

One of these laws can be found in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) law which permits foreign investors to hold up to 100% of the company. The requirement for an Emirati sponsor is no longer needed for investors from abroad. In this law, investors can be assured of the security of money transfers, investments, and the chance to amend partnership agreements.

As well as consolidate, and transfer ownership according to the needs of the investor. This law allows businesses to do business with ease by improving the investment climate as well as attracting investors trying to reduce the burden of administrative work on the business side.

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3. Free Trade Zones 

Free Trade Zones are an important benefit for the UAE. You can get help from any business listing company to add your position in free trade zones. The existence of many free trade zones across the country makes it much easier to start businesses and attract investors. You can consult company formation consultants in UAE to get yourself involved in those Free Trade Zones of UAE. The main benefits of setting up your business in the Free Trade Zone are:

  • Corporate and personal income taxes are exempt.
  • Foreigners have the chance to purchase a 100 percent stake in the firm.
  • Possibility of 100 100% repatriation of profit and capital;
  • There aren’t any restrictions on trade or trade quotas;
  • Options for incorporation include onshore and offshore, as well as local companies.
  • There aren’t any restrictions on capital investment.
  • Export and import are now more efficient.
  • Directors’ information is kept private.
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4. Long-term Visas

The UAE launched a new system to allow long-term residency in the year 2019. Foreigners are now able to live or work in the UAE without having to have an official national sponsor. They can also possess 100% of their companies in the UAE’s mainland as per the arrangement. The visas will be granted for a period of five or 10 years. They are automatically renewed.

Investors who invest a minimum amount of AED 10, million in public investment can apply for a 10-year years residence Visa. For more details you can visit:

The applicant must:
  • A minimum deposit of AED 10 million into an investment fund in the country of origin
  • creating a company in the UAE with a minimum capital requirement in the amount of AED 10 million
  • Investment in an existing or a new company that has a market capitalization of at the minimum AED10 million.

Golden visa holders enjoy exclusive privileges within the country. It is an excellent scheme launched by the UAE government to encourage investors to the country and to boost the economy.

However, the UAE is a significant advantage in terms of its ease of conducting business. The country is ranked 15th worldwide on Kearney’s 2020 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Confidence Index. It is believed that the UAE is setting its sights to become the most favorable investment country in the coming years, and it’s a highly likely goal as stated by a top official from the UAE World Bank organization.

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