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Technically, AtomChat is Chat Plugin that provides quick chat solutions for your website. With real-time text, audio as well as video calling options. It’s a ready-to-use chat application and plugin which easily integrates with more than 30 platforms and makes your website chat-ready in minutes!  This is a web-based software tool created for doing automated tasks.

Their bots will allow you to provide quick solutions for your clients, optimizing the time for your agents to focus on potential buyers. The tool is smart and flexible, which can be adapted to the specific needs of your company for acquiring unbeatable growth. It’s for all those who want to build an online community, a marketplace, a forum, or a social network.

For one thing, AtomChat allows you to add must-have features like text and video chatting easily. What’s more, it offers you a quick and easy integration way with your website. So that you can add chat to your website quickly with one of its 30+ integration tools — you’ll equally spend as much time as you like customizing the experience while boosting interactivity.

Communication in today’s world is of utmost importance. Miscommunication or lack of communication can cause misunderstanding, leading to a lack of productivity! That’s where AtomChat comes in! A tool that helps you not only integrate chat into your website but because of the features it possesses helps your users have clear and precise conversations! 

Why The AtomChat Chat Plugin Is A Great Webmasters Tool

AtomChat is an All In One Chat Application and Plugin solution that is designed to seamlessly integrate with your WordPress website, whereby its features allow you to monetize your website easily. In simple terms, AtomChat is the easiest way to add text chat and video calling to your website. And the good news; there is a free WordPress plugin for you!

This means, that whether you want to build an online community, a marketplace, a forum, or a social network, and add must-have features like text and video chatting easily, you can do just with the help of the AtomChat chat plugin. Be that as it may, AtomChat is an All In One chat solution which is designed to seamlessly integrate with your WordPress website.

Of course, as a webmaster, you already know that user Engagement is an important aspect of retaining your target users. By engaging your users you’ll make sure that they are captivated and pay attention to your website, thus, preserving user loyalty. User Engagement is also the first step towards monetizing your website and generating revenue.

The main features that you’ll enjoy from the AtomChat Chat Plugin are as follows:
  • Group or Private Text Chat: By creating a group and private chat platform on your website, it enables your users to have one on one conversations or start a group text chain! Enhance and enrich engagement in your community or social media platform by adding group and private chats.
  • Voice Audio Calling & Video Conferencing: Now you can provide your users the power to jump on a voice or video call with just a simple click of a button with the help of AtomChat! Plus, they guarantee a secure and reliable connection to ensure your users can talk to each other without interruptions!
  • Conversations Collaborative Features: AtomChat also comes equipped with features to help your users collaborate with each other and make work fun! Your users can either make use of the whiteboard on the plugin or can also share their screens with one another to make sharing of ideas and documents easier and quicker!
  • Localize And Translate Conversations: What if your community of users belongs to different parts of the world and speaks different languages? Not to worry! With AtomChat Multilingual Integration Tools, your whole community can now converse with each other in real time without having to worry about the language barrier! They provide real-time translation and also an Admin Panel through which you can configure AtomChat to speak to your users in their language!
  • White-Label Chat Solution: Your brand, your logo! Utilize the AtomChat white-label chat platform addons for your website and mobile apps. So you can easily add your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts to reflect your web/app brand identity.

At AtomChat they realize chat is a premium yet necessary feature in today’s world. Hence, they also give you the power to sell it and make monetary gains from it! You can allow role-based access to your users. You can also take advantage of the credit deduction system and charge per minute/charge per message and have your users pay more to use more!

In the same fashion, you could also run custom ads on AtomChat and monetize! You can try it now for free to see it in full action! As a matter of fact, you too will come to realize why 4,000+ companies trust the AtomChat tools, especially, the Group Chat Plugin to deliver their strategic web-based community-building plan.

Overall, the unique AtomChat Features and other web-based application tools will help you in enhancing your community experience for B2B businesses. At AtomChat, they also provide their customers with low costs and integration assistance which helps your journey from buying to using that much easier!

How AtomChat App Enhances User Engagement On Your Website

One most important benefits of all its features are that AtomChat allows you to easily and quickly monetize your website on a go. What’s more, AtomChat is a standalone application that integrates seamlessly with WordPress & BuddyPress. You just need to have an AtomChat account (create your account) in order to take advantage of its plugin on your website.

AtomChat’s versatile yet cost-effective chat plugin integrates with over 30 platforms. It helps you engage your users and audience through real-time, secure conversations. Customers can also connect with each other via group chat, audio-video messaging, collaborative tools, and real-time multilingual translation. 

The chat solution from AtomChat sets up direct communication between buyers and sellers, consultants and clients, teachers and students, and more. This helps users get detailed information about the product(s) or service(s) listed on your online platform. It develops trust in your brand, even as it pushes up conversion rates.

Support for large group chats with open-to-all and public group support is also yet another excellent feature of the AtomChat chat plugin. Its powerful admin panel ensures granular control of access and chat behavior. That said, we can’t exhaust all of them here, but there are certain core AtomChat features that boost user engagement on your platform to note.

The following are the most common features and their notable benefits:
  • Private and group messaging for accessible communication and collaboration 
  • Secure communication features with password-protected and invite-only groups
  • Real-time multilingual chat functionality to connect users around the world with a great UX 
  • Rich, immersive HD voice and video calling experiences 
  • Reliable and invaluable user-generated content that creates a valuable database for the business
  • Enables users’ chat behavior regulation from a powerful admin panel

Of course, there are many other similar/related Live Chat Plugins just like AtomChat Chat Plugin, yes, and they all share a few things in common — the easiest way to add text chat and video calling to your WordPress website. But, AtomChat beats them when it comes to the most advanced features, integration options, access levels, pricing plans, etc.

The Simple Steps For AtomChat Chat Plugin Installation:

  1. First, Search and then Install the AtomChat through the WordPress plugin repository
  2. You can also download the zip files first to your desktop and then upload them to your server directly
  3. Then, thereafter, the next thing is to ‘Activate‘ the AtomChat Plugin
  4. Once you are done, the AtomChat Chat Plugin will start showing almost immediately

Eventually, the next thing is for you to customize the AtomChat Chat Plugin just the way you would want. To do so, click on the Admin Panel button to get started — you will be taken to the admin panel. Not that it is not an integrated admin panel at the moment, but they are working on releasing this soon — we’ll share the updates with you right here, stay tuned!

But, we’d recommend that you upgrade to the premium version if you want to enjoy limitless plugin capabilities. You will need an active subscription from first. Navigate to the AtomChat tab at the bottom of your admin menu and enter your AtomChat License Key to connect your AtomChat account to your WordPress site.

Why You Should Utilize Community Chat Plugins And Platforms  

The most popular community chat room software gives your community the power to chat via text, voice, video, and other collaborative communication tools. It plays a transformational role in the growth and success of your online community when it comes to achieving your business goals. Have a robust Chat Solution that easily integrates with your website.

Suffice it to say, you’ll need to consider a tool such as AtomChat WordPress Plugin to deliver all the resources you’ll need to build your very own uniquely great web-based social community — keep your community fully engaged right on your website or even your application platform. Whilst, allowing them to seamlessly communicate and collaborate.

Your community chat can fulfill the following critical roles at large:
  • Acts as the glue that binds your community together. Community chats boost customer retention and loyalty. Besides, it facilitates and enhances collaborative communications among your team members. 
  • Helps you take your venture to the next level. You can redefine your communication channels with real-time solutions via chat, video, and audio calls. It speeds up customer response times and boosts meaningful interactions among users. 
  • Global outreach and personalized marketing capabilities. Personalized marketing connects and engages your potential customers in ways that drive conversions.
  • Expands your business service offerings. Particularly, through the seamless integration of chat with other applications. Perse, such integrations add excellent value. It offers myriad support benefits to users and your business.
  • Integrates your data and workflows into the chat interface. Furthermore, which eventually opens a slew of possibilities. This makes it possible to brainstorm on key business metrics, product research, collaborate on customer support, and more.
  • Transforms business via collaboration. More so, since integrating vital data and tools into community chat translates to savings in time and effort. It helps you and your team make well-informed, better decisions. This boosts productivity.

What’s more, would your business need rather than having a great web-based social community-building software solution like AtomChat? Whereby, your website visitors can have endless yet simple capabilities to use features like Text chat, Audio-Video chat, Collaborative tools, Stickers Emojis, Real-time translation, and many more.

Using Chat Plugins Powerful Tools For User Engagement

Your community isn’t all about the best plugins, killer themes, and extensions. Only frequent, consistent, and quality user interactions can ensure full engagement of your online hub. It encourages your community members to spend time on the platform. In this context, a robust community chat platform is the best engagement strategy for your online ecosystem. 

Most businesses use chat-powered user engagement strategies with well-defined goals. It typically includes add-ons that help increase sales, brand awareness, and community growth. Delivery of a great User Experience (UX) is the most critical aim among these. Some of the common business goals that increase user engagement include the use of chat plugins to:

1. Humanize your web-based business

Often, emotion drives your customer’s buying behavior rather than the quality of your product or service. In such cases, you must emotionally connect with your customers to perfect your user engagement. Chat empowers you with simple yet effective ways to make such connections. This makes users feel at home on your website. Integrating your chat software with your CRM software provides you with valuable user data too.

2. Personalize your website user experience 

Brands that acknowledge loyal customers with personalized recommendations and offers are the top preference for 91 percent of consumers. More importantly, 70% of millennials are frustrated with irrelevant emails from brands. Chat plugins allow you to personalize messages in ways that enhance UX and engagement. You can use these to personalize messages along every customer’s journey on your online platform. This boosts their trust and loyalty toward your brand. 

3. Improve your website communication convenience

To unleash the power of your chat plugin, focus on the convenience of your target users. Choose the channels and devices of choice. This eases your job of ensuring deep user engagement. You can also universalize conversations by removing the language barrier by integrating real-time translation software into your chat application.

4. Engage with your online community proactively

Customer engagement is reactive on most business platforms. It is usually based on their queries—often, it is all about what businesses can offer them to raise conversion rates. Chat plugins can help you stand out with curated and relevant content for your target user groups.

5. Use limitless in-product messaging features 

At all costs, this is a very wonderful way to boost customer engagement among target user communities. One thing is for sure, utilizing the right chat plugin such AtomChat helps you engage your customers during browsing sessions with relevant offers. Equally important, it enables you to send in-app messages that nudge them to act accordingly. 

6. Seamlessly integrate chat with third-party apps

You can integrate your chat software with useful third-party apps. Customers can easily buy a product or service on your website without navigating elsewhere. This helps you enhance user engagement and experience. 

With that in mind, it’s crystal clear that by using a chat plugin like AtomChat, you’ll have endless and powerful capabilities. Such as a way to integrate chat features and automate the way you interact with your audience. From audio-video conferences, group text chats, multilingual interfaces, collaborative screen-share, collaborative whiteboards, and the like.

A Chat Plugin Is An All-Round Proven Winner!

Chat, in its various forms like live chat, group chat, in-app messaging, as well as cross-app messaging has undergone a massive evolution over the years. Today, it is a tool that guarantees to boost user engagement on an online platform. The ability of chat plugins like AtomChat to personalize user experience sets it apart from other marketing tools by far.

Other benefits like seamless and quick integration ensure that your chat channels go live without business downtime. You can rely on a group chat plugin on your website to create enduring customer relationships and also enhance the community experience for your whole business. And, in case you’ll need any help you can Consult Us for free support.

In a nutshell, whether you want to build an online community, a marketplace, an open forum community, a web-based social networking hub, or even add must-have features like text and video chatting easily, you can do just that with the help of AtomChat. This is a Chat Plugin that you need to give a try as soon as you can to enjoy what you have been missing.

So, go ahead and Try Now For Free and then share your experience with us down below thereafter. You are also welcome to share your additional opinions, suggestions, thoughtful inputs, personal recommendations, or even any other contribution questions (Free FAQ Answers) in our comments section. And now, until the next one, thanks for your time!

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