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Asimi | Simplified Crypto Currency Minting Plus Ad Hashing

The Asimi team is harnessing Blockchain Technology to offer a complete tokenized economy symbiotically. While, at the same time, helping advertisers and putting money in the hands of people that need it most. You’ll get free Cryptographic prices, charts, and Coinbasenews, among others. Its mission is to deliver a thriving decentralized economy to all its customers.

Something that empowers individuals around the world to reach their online business goals and build a better life for themselves. Thus, Asimi is an innovative community-based Cryptographic token used to advertise, earn, transact and prosper. While, at the same time, delivering a thriving decentralized economy as well.

In particular, to reach their online business goals and build a better life for themselves. Honesty, reliability, trust, transparency, and work ethic are the values Hashing Ad Space and Asimi are built. As well as a sole commitment to the customers. And then again, something that is delivered through continued innovation to shape a diverse and powerful marketplace.

So, what is this platform all about, if you may ask? Well, the info below explains the simple and powerful way Asimi is earned and used. Like Cryptographic prices, charts, Coinbase news, plus simplified Crypto Currency minting and hashing ad space.

What Asimi Is All About

First of all, the Asimi token economy stands to benefit millions of people worldwide who wish to expand their online businesses. And its goal is to make mining the most simple and rewarding experience for users. Whereby, it provides free access to the world of Cryptocurrency for all its involved users. Whilst, making it accessible to thousands of users worldwide.

Asimi is a value-based utility token for the purpose of purchasing advertising and ad minting reward system.​​ It will be built from the ground up, with a circulating supply starting at zero. Motivated users can mint the token. Especially, through their unique minting proposition of viewing advertisements. And, as minters obtain tokens, they would be free to use.

As well as hold, or sell them on the open DEX exchange. If people wish to buy Asimi, they would acquire Asimi on the same DEX exchange by purchasing it from sellers, with no restrictions. Not to mention, value-based utility tokens can be a real asset within online advertising. Since its launch, Asimi has been sold, used for purchases, earned as affiliate commissions, etc.

Additionally, Asimi has also served over 1 Billion advertisements. It delivers all this in form of a Cryptographic Token, ASIMI/BTC On The Waves Exchange, Hashing Ad Space Advertising, and Token Minting, among many other propositions.

Its other propositions are:
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Powerful minting rewards
  • Secure system
  • Integrated and Established exchange
  • Value-based token
  • No ICO
  • Immediate powerful product use
  • Global adoption
  • Transparent
  • Legal and compliant

Asimi is created to be a powerful, easily accessible Cryptocurrency token that can be understood, used, and earned by everyone. Some people have been held back by technological hurdles from participating in and benefiting from the incredible change cryptocurrency has brought to our monetary system.

Realistically, Asimi has gone to great lengths to make Cryptocurrency minting & hashing ad space as easy as possible. Its mission is to produce the most simplified minting experience that rewards users in real value for their contribution and effort.

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The web-based platform is designed for mass adoption; Asimi will lead the way as a value-based utility token! With a true purpose within the online advertising industry. Meaning, that it’s going to help thousands of people around the world benefit from the incredible world of Cryptocurrency. But, there’s even more to what you can exchange using Asimi as shown below.


Asimi has a fixed maximum supply of 67M+. Barely, which are divisible by 8 decimals .00000000. And, the smallest domination of Asimi is to be known as, Asi. (ass-eye). With that in mind, below are a few Asimi revolutionary changes to know:


  • The roadmap started when they released the whitepaper (OCT)
  • It became an Incorporated platform with key developments and testing
  • The next was hashing ad space platform launch
  • Then thereafter, the Asimi token minting begins in Nov 2018
  • Above all, the token minting begins a free advertising/minting promotion series


  • Asimi becomes a trading platform on Waves Dex
  • It also becomes a staking and minting agency
  • Ganners a POS qualification for minting with a support desk
  • It comes with a system where you can view to earn
  • With a transaction ledger system upgrade
  • New marketing materials evolution (series one)
  • You can now have an access to ads login and withdrawals
  • Improvements in advertising sales and partnerships


  • Blockchain Technology Development
  • Interactive advertising and hashing ad space academy
  • Blockchain testing and other website enhancements
  • Blockchain implementation with POS + POW Blockchain verifications
  • POS held on private wallets feature add-ons
  • Useful marketing materials evolution (series 3)


  • Members experience
  • Streamlining of key solutions
  • Blockchain and Advertising upgrades
  • Asimi hits a 1MM+ members mark


  • Telegram communities launch
  • Now available to at least 12+ countries
  • A new version (2 E) deployment with multiple earning features
  • Development and marketing team expansion
  • Initial mobile application launch for both Apples IOS and Android
  • Gets a slot on the New Exchange listing
  • Airdrop campaigns deployment together with mobile games

Bitcoin is a coin that you can transfer from one Bitcoin Wallet to another, but the Blockchain is the platform where all the transactions occur. You can visit the Blockchain’s official websites to see the latest Bitcoin transactions. On the same note, Blockchain is also known as a public ledger because all the bitcoin transactions are stored here as with Asimi.

That said, we wish to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to review what we believe to be a revolutionary product. As well as the best application system within the Cryptocurrency space. Keep in mind, that billions of dollars are spent, traded, and earned in both of these sectors yearly.

How The Asimi Platform Works

First of all, the Asimi advertising/minting business model, particularly Staking and minting, rewards the members participating in its advertising platform. In regards to the act and effort of watching ads. Daily Minting rewards will vary and are not guaranteed. All current and future earnings are paid in Asimi crypto tokens.

This means your minting profits are subject to the risk and volatility of the Cryptocurrency market, future limitations or legislation of Cryptocurrency, and specifically, fluctuation of Cryptocurrency values including but not limited to Asimi, Bitcoin, and/or Waves. Thus, it cannot control market forces or anticipate the value or usability of Cryptos.

May it be now or even in the future. And, therefore, cannot make any promises of any gains whatsoever. While good crypto currency conditions would be very favorable to its advertising/minting system, bad crypto currency conditions would not. They expect great success for Hashing Ad Space minters. At the same time, your effort minting ads, as well as your staking.

Eventually, all this has brought forward the need for such a monetary system. For this reason, they have gone to great lengths to make this as simple as possible.

  • AOP = (AO/CwO) x 100
  • ME = AOP x MsP

In addition to minting and advertising, packages might generate a profit or not. That aside, by definition, Asimi is built to provide a powerful, easily accessible Cryptocurrency token that everyone can understand, use and earn. Bearing in mind, that technological hurdles have held a lot of people back from participating in, and benefiting from, the incredible shift in Cryptos.

Other Quick Terms: 
  • Ownership: AO
  • Ownership Percentage: AOP
  • Company-Wide Ownership: CWO
  • Minting Earnings: ME
  • Minting Schedule Payment: MSP

Important to realize, that the amount of Asimi you own (AO) in your verified Minting Wallet as compared to all other Asimi minters AO’s combined value. When you successfully mint for the day, you will be included in the MsP for that day.

NOTE: Final PaM is adjusted for minimum ad view requirements. Also, Hashing Ad Space, its CEO, founders, and employees accept no responsibility for your Staking or purchase decisions. You should ALWAYS consider your purchase as a FINAL PURCHASE and only purchase within your budget. Seek professional independent, legal, tax, and financial advice before deciding to participate in any Hashing Ad Space services.

Why Does “Asimi” Really Matter?

The name ASIMI is the Greek-English translation for SILVER, to begin with. Traditionally, Silver has been given the form of the half-moon as you will see depicted on the coin. The engravings express the decentralized benefits of Cryptocurrency in the Crypto enthusiast’s eyes, if we may add.

Around the perimeter is inscribed: Silver – Asimi – a ‘Community Effort Minted Token.’ Silver plays an important role in our lives as a medium of exchange, a safe-haven investment, and a precious metal treasured in special items. It’s also one of the highest-level electrical conductors on the planet.

Particularly, now that it’s being used in the manufacture of electronics, including Cryptocurrency mining hardware. Suffice it to say, that they have chosen silver to display Asimi’s value to the marketplace. An easily recognized, medium of exchange, used to trade and/or store value, that can be minted through effort.

The Asimi Ad View Formula

Your daily minting payment is determined by successfully completing your ad minting for the day. (“Qualified” for earnings). The ad view formula is as follows.

PaM = (TM x MaV) x AoP

Experience has told us that Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. It has changed the way we use, move, and earn money. We also see the increasing numbers of people that are looking online for ways to make money from home, and in a marketplace filled with choices, it can be difficult to know what works.​

The Asimi token provides two solutions:
  • A freely exchanged utility token for use within the online advertising industry,
  • A unique method of minting that allows anyone to earn it from home.

This symbiotic relationship brings two of the largest and most exciting online markets together. Hashing Ad Space opens the door for anyone to easily become involved in the incredible opportunity Cryptocurrency offers the world today. With no experience necessary, and no payment required, you can earn from home. You watch ads… you get paid.

Be that as it may, you can click here to learn more and get started before even your friends/family members do!

How The Minting Technology And Hashing Ad Space Works

Minting is the creation of new Asimi tokens into the circulating supply. You can mint new tokens into existence via “Minting ads” in the “Ad Minter” at Hashing Ad Space. Every day a total of 17,438 (halving every 4 years) Asimi tokens are minted into circulation by our ad minters viewing advertisements. Minters are rewarded every day for minting ads.

You can set up your ad minting profile by navigating to the Minting Dashboard and starting minting for yourself. There is no technical expertise required to become an Asimi minter. Your daily minting payment is determined by successfully completing your ad minting for the day. That’s if you are “Qualified” for earnings. The minting formula is as follows:

Totals based on Qualified Minters

As aforementioned, with the Hashing Ad Space help by Asimi, you can start earning online income, every day, for free! They pay people to browse advertisements, complete surveys, mint crypto tokens, play games, and more… There is no cost to you. Just start earning right away today! Usually, they sell advertising space on their website and transfer the crypto revenue.

Directly into the hands of ad viewers. It’s a real and simple way to earn income from home that millions of online users are searching for. Firstly; They sell advertising. Advertisers can buy advertising products and get views of their ads/surveys/websites/games. (learn more about their Advertising Products in detail) Secondly; They display the ads online.

More so, for all potential web users to view them. Meaning, that anyone can watch ads, complete surveys, and play games, and for that, they get paid. Surprisingly, this has created a functioning marketplace that brings advertisers, viewers, buyers, and sellers to one location. The result; A reliable business that allows you to start earning income from home.

Why Is Hashing Ad Space The Best?

As the first-ever ad minting system, Asimi is there to lead the way as a complete and successful attention token ecosystem. With integrity at the core of everything they do, they strive to share wealth around the globe. By offering a true work-from-home solution that puts money in the pockets of the members. There is no better place to earn crypto for free online.

In reality, they are on a mission to help 1 million people around the world earn extra income from home. It would be great if you are one of them! With people earning over $100 a week in Crypto just completing simple tasks… it’s time for you to start getting paid too! All you need to do is join the 475.4K registered members who have earned over 21 Million Asimi tokens.

And then, start earning income for yourself today. Uniquely, their overall — share and get paid — is one of our most convenient methods to get started. Whereby, you can share Hashing Ad Space with your friends and when they earn, you earn too! They offer the best win-win affiliate program in the industry. And will pay you 10% commissions on everything your referrals earn.

That includes when they earn: completing surveys, watching ads, minting Asimi tokens, and playing games! When they earn, you earn, for life, all for free! But, that’s not all! For sure, there are many others for you to earn:

1. Get Paid To Browse Ads

Select from the list of advertisers’ advertisements to earn instant income! You will earn immediately on the completion of the ad view, plus go in the draw for daily prizes. It’s a simple transfer of value. Advertisers pay for their ads to be viewed, and we transfer the income into your hands. Create an extra income for yourself by viewing from anywhere, at any time. Watch ads, and get paid.

2. Get Paid To Complete Surveys

The online survey market is thriving and you can earn real income simply by answering questions. Select from the list of surveys and earn the displayed value. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can complete each day to put income in your pocket. With no experience necessary you can join the growing community of members topping up their weekly income.

3. Get Paid To Play Games

You can also start here to play, have fun, challenge yourself, and earn Crypto! The Asimi games are evolving, and each game has different earning options. Thus, you can play to win the game, play to earn completing tasks, win leaderboard prizes, and more. Earn while having fun… It doesn’t get much better than that!

4. Mint New Asimi Crypto Tokens

Create new Asimi tokens in the marketplace and get paid directly to your own wallet! Minting is the most profitable earning system at Hashing Ad Space. Watch ads in the “Ad Minter” and you will mint new crypto into existence. Any Asimi tokens you mint are yours to keep and paid directly into your own personal crypto-wallet each day.

NB: Herein, they’ve been successfully minting for 1357 days! Last week’s average Asimi minter earned 432.4868 Asimi for minting just 48 ads! While the top Asimi minter earned a huge 11580.6885 ($18.28) last week.

5. Join The Digital Revolution

Asimi has helped thousands of people take a beneficial step into the world of digital currencies. Basically, they operate exclusively with Asimi tokens that are purpose-built for earning income and advertising from home. Keep and use the Asimi tokens that you earn, or easily convert them into other coins such as Bitcoin. In the same fashion, they also offer the best place in the world to earn Crypto — all for free. Having said that, you can learn more about their tokens in detail.

Technically, by bringing it back to the basics, there will be a ‘No Initial Coin‘ offering. In our opinion, many new tokens on the market are not much more than a fundraising tools.​ But, they are not that!​ Bringing it back to the creation of Bitcoin, there was no ICO, there was no hype-filled promotional material.

Everything then was just so simple: “here is the idea and here is how you can participate.”​ They will grow Asimi based on this principle: They are not asking people to financially back Asimi based on an idea. Instead, they are looking for people who are interested in joining the community. While, at the same time, allowing people to earn, use, and participate all for free.

The Asimi SupAd Minting Allocationply

For your information, 76% of tokens are to be minted through ad views (50,920,000).  Minting efforts will deliver all-new tokens to the market at a set daily rate, to be distributed to minters each day, over the coming years. Its minting allocations will follow a similar minting schedule to that of Bitcoin.

Something, which has proven to be so successful, and intended to slowly but steadily add to its circulating supply, without eroding the value of the token. Bitcoin Total Supply: 21 Million. Asimi Total Supply: 67 Million (Approximately 3.2 x BTC).

This additional supply is intended to reduce the number of decimal places required. Bitcoin mining allocations at launch: 7,200 BTC per day. Asimi mining allocations at launch: 17,438 ASIMI per day. (Approximately 3.2 x BTC based on mintable supply).

Asimi will be allocated at the rate of 17,438 new tokens per day. The minting payout figure halves every 4 years, over a period of 100 years. Must be remembered, that these tokens will be earned by minters each day based on their minting activity. Minters are free to use/hold/exchange their mined tokens as they choose with no restrictions.

The Asimi Affiliate Commission Allocation Plus “Pre Mint”

In terms of affiliate commission allocation, 7.6% (5,090,000) of Asimi is allocated for affiliate commissions. This simple affiliate program is a viral growth mechanism as people (affiliates) are self-motivated to promote Asimi in order to earn more Asimi themselves. Preallocating the 10% means as long as people are minting, affiliates can get recurring earnings.

In terms of commissions, all were pre-scheduled for decades. Asimi will ” pre-mint” 2.7% (1,809,000) of tokens to use at their discretion. Any funds accumulated as a result of the sale of these tokens will be used for operating Asimi. More so, over the coming years and will be Asimi’s sole source of income. We anticipate this to be sufficient funding for the following costs.

  • Consulting
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Taxation and compliance licensing
  • Office space
  • Ongoing Business Expenses

Overall, 7.6% (5,090,000) of Asimi is allocated for affiliate commissions.

Pre-mint allocated as follows:
  • Consulting agencies
  • Legal firms
  • Partner companies
  • Asimi founders
  • Stakeholders
  • Employees, etc.

Bearing in mind, that all bonus tokens are in a lock to a maximum of 2% provision allowance each month for owners of these tokens. Each month, 2% of the total tokens for any of the above, will receive an award to them. This would continue for a period of 50 months until all own tokens are paid.

Notwithstanding, the tokens are paid to the holder each month, they are free to do with them as they choose. 871,000 Asimi was set aside to pay staff wages and petty cash expenses for the daily operation of websites and supporting services. Equally important, there is also Asimi Burn in consideration. 

An Asimi burning mechanism was introduced to help reduce circulating supply to a maximum of 20M over time. Surprisingly, the amount of Asimi burned weekly equates to 90% of the purchase price of the “Login Ad” product on Hashing Ad Space. While, at the same time, regular burning takes place weekly for the Asimi received that week.

As a result, you can follow the total Asimi burned by clicking on its Waves platform token for a current total supply value.

The Asimi Algorithm And Exchange Models

On one hand, the simplicity of their idea requires a clear approach. On the other hand, both blockchain technology and decentralized peer-to-peer verifications have changed the world. Remarkably, it’s such a great advancement in technology. And, one that they support with enthusiasm. Therefore, that’s why Asimi runs on the Waves of blockchain.

To enumerate, one thing is for sure, it’s very fast, simple, and has one of the easiest client interfaces to use, making Cryptocurrency familiar to everyone. Not forgetting, the Asimi acquisition is straightforward and its free trading starts on an exchange from day one. Storage, sending, and receiving it is around the globe within seconds, for all those parties in interest.

Plus, it’s also exchangeable into both Fiat and Cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, and EURO. However, it isn’t their goal to bring forth a new blockchain technology. But, it simply runs on the blockchain technology that is already in place.

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Specifically, they have the development teams and community in Bitcoin and Waves to thank for the opportunity to make Asimi a reality. On one hand, Bitcoin brings forward the revolutionary blockchain technology and the concept that has been of use to many. While, on the other hand, Waves is for simplifying the technology.

Perse, in terms of a platform that allows them to build their token, own it, trade it, and share it with others — freely in a decentralized environment. With all of this pre-constructed genius in place, Asimi can now further simplify the minting and dispersement of tokens. Whilst, helping even more people gain access to Cryptos globally through the simplistic ad system.

The Rise In Demand For Assets

In reality, supply, demand, and price have an unbreakable relationship. Ultimately, the main reason why we believe Asimi will grow. With limited supply and a unique value proposition driving demand, price rises can occur.

A home-based business is growing rapidly as more people are falling in. Generally, they are realizing the enormous opportunity to make money from home. Finding a true way to earn money from home, and advertise to a target audience is highly possible. They have built their token economy model based on conservative sales figures. We see great things for Asimi Values.​

As a matter of fact, advertising is a $558 billion industry.  For this reason, ASIMI aims to leverage its huge capitalization, by introducing an innovative approach that enables participants to earn money. By watching advertisements while doing advertising of their own. And, as such, each user in the system can watch a certain number of free ads daily.

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Markedly, all users that watch ads during the day, share among them the daily minting payout in ASIMI. If the user wants to watch additional ads above their limit they can obtain a minting stake package(s). In general, which enables them to watch additional ads. Essentially, those packages are free for all!  However, they serve an important role in the system.

In order to obtain the package, the user needs to lock away his ASIMI for a certain period of time. Over time, all the coins are given back to the user gradually. In the end, advertisers who wish to participate in the system can purchase ad block packages.

Takeaway Notes:

In nutshell, we all love how you can set up a business running and earn your first Crypto money that same day with Asimi. We’ve already started earning and looking forward to growing this new and exciting business. Thanks to its Hashing Ad Space, we’ve paid off our credit card, our bank balance is looking great, and we’ll be debt-free within a few months.

For your information, before you even begin interacting with Asimi, make sure that you’ve read their Terms & Conditions as well as Terms of Use in detail first. Eventually, you can then start gathering all the useful details and guides that might add value to both of you. What we like most about this web platform is that everyone is welcome to use it at their own convenience.

The site is legit and very good for learning. While earning where you have options for faucets, complete tasks, mine, watch videos, and click ads. With 3 payment methods on Coinbase, Faucet Pay, and a direct wallet for your favorite Crypto to get 5 exchanges for free. That’s the most positive useful convincing and convenient thing about it — to keep working daily.

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That’s it! Our hope is that you now have a full understanding of what Asimi is all about. So, have you started to use the web application platform as a Crypto nerd yet? If your answer is yes, what is your notable User Experience (UX) while using it fully or partially per your demands? Is it something that you can refer others to start using? Well, feel free to share with us.

Finally, if your answer is no/not yet, what else are you waiting for? Luckily, you now have a full review to help kickstart your next plan. Be that as it may, in case you’ll need more help, you can always Get In Touch with their team. Or rather, Consult Us and let us know how we can sort you out. Feel free to Donate for our support or even share this article with other readers.

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