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Angela Chibalonza is a famous legend gospel singer in Kenya. Her talent manifested itself in early childhood. Hence, has become the delight of our ears as we grow up to who we are today.

Listening to her hit songs from when I was in lower-class back in the 90s and growing up to sing some of her songs is truly a blessing.

Angela Chibalonza

Her humility was exemplary considering that some of her counterparts in the same industry have more passion for the money than the music they do even to date.

Angela Chibalonza’s music and influence have proven to be larger than life as the demand for her music still roams.

Where was Angela Chibalonza born?

Angela Chibalonza was born Angela Chibalonza Runinga Muliri on November 26, 1976, in Bukavu, eastern Congo-Kinshasa. She enjoyed music right from childhood. Thereafter, completing secondary school in 1996, Chibalonza moved to Kenya the following year.

She described it as her response to a call from God to serve Him through her music. Though she had sung in the choir and was a choir leader since 1992.

Angela Chibalonza

Chibalonza had never recorded any music in her native Congo. Therefore, her travel in Nairobi to embark on a music career made Christian parents and 10 siblings appreciate and encourage her.

In Kenya, the musician released her maiden album, Nikuabudu. She followed it up with Jina la Yesu the following year, in 1998.

In 1999, she released Mwisho wa Dunia and thereafter Ninapotembea. Angela is one of the few gospel artists who has managed to release more than 10 albums, which have been well received locally and abroad.

Why is Angela Chibalonza so famous?

Of course, years after her tragic death in a road accident, Angela’s music, and influence have proven to be larger than life as the demand for her music still roams.

Whenever you mention the Gospel stars in Kenyan, you would not forget rather get knocked down by the angelic and birdlike voice of Angela Chibalonza.

For instance, the likes of Gloria Muliro, Mercy MasikaJanet OtienoKambuaSize8Cizarina NasirumbiJoy MugambiEdel KweyuFaith Kithele, Damaris ManziTabby Chacha, and others.

Her vibrant music still lingers our minds years after her tragic death. She endeared herself and warmed her way into the hearts of millions of music lovers.

Even among those that do not profess Christianity – in her rich vocals that she delivered through live performances in churches and at open-air public Christian meetings.

Mimi ni Kazi ya mikono yako baba.” (I am the work of your hands Father) ” Uliniumba Nikuabudu.” means “You Created Me to Worship You.” in Swahili.

These are some of the songs from the late Angela Chibalonza whose music has been a blessing to many East Africans for over a decade.

What makes Chibalonza be remembered?

First of all, Angela’s popular albums have sold well across the Kiswahili-speaking countries in eastern and central Africa. For instance, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and other parts of the world.

Secondly, echoes of her songs bombard across streets and homes like a National Anthem. In 2004, Kora All Africa Music Awards nominated Chibalonza for Best Gospel Female Artist award. Especially, for Jubilee off Yahwe Uhimidiwe album. She did not win but that did not stop her.

Then again, in her Kora nomination profile, the musician says, “Jina la Yesu made history in my musical career; it made me the Angela I am today. I am known in Kenya and East and Central Africa. I have released other albums like Ninapotembea, Nzambe Papa, and Nakuabudu.”

How did Angela Chibalonza die?

Singing mainly in Lingala and Kiswahili and at times in French. Angela Chibalonza was set to release her latest album, Nimekutana na Yesu (I have Met With Jesus). In that case, at the Nairobi Cinema in Nairobi, on September 29, 2007. But, unfortunately, this was never meant to be.

On September 22, 2007, Angela, her driver, Kennedy Aluoch, and vocalist, Nimrod Makori, perished in a ghastly morning road accident at Kinale, on the Naivasha-Nairobi highway. This happened when they were returning to Nairobi from a performance at Egerton University in Njoro.

As a matter of fact, the shocking news of her death filtered across Kenya via radio and television. Some said that Chibalonza, whose first name means Angel, “has been called to go and lend her voice to the Angels in praise of God up in heaven”.

Be that as it may, Angela also sang in languages like Luganda to cut across language barriers. Oh Yesu Wange off her Ninapotembea (Whenever I Walk) album, for instance, is in Luganda.

All in all, Runiga left behind her husband and pastor Elisha Muliri.

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By all means, “May the Lord Rest Her Soul in Peace.” For one thing, our hopes are that we shall one day meet her and wherever she is, she is rejoicing with the Angels.

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