Amazon Prime | All The Best Deals Through Black Friday

Coverage of Amazon Prime Day in its entirety, including information on all of the best discounts that will be available through Black Friday. The Amazon team would like to extend a warm greeting to you on this special Amazon Prime Day. Today is the second and last day of Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, a really catchy name if I do say so myself. It’s the first chance you’ll have to save money before Christmas, and it also marks the start of the season for Black Friday specials and sales.

Everything Your Heart Could Wish For

As is traditional, retailers are clearing off their stock of anything from coffee makers to air fryers, solid-state drives, PCs, and even the occasional console deal. Obviously, this includes Amazon’s wares as well as other retailers’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a Ring security system, an Echo speaker, or a Fire TV streamer, now is a great day to do so.

Early Access Prime Day Sale

You have until Wednesday, October 12 at 11:59:00 p.m. local time to take advantage of the Amazon Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals. Only Amazon Prime members can take advantage of these savings but don’t worry, anyone can sign up. You may always sign up for a free 30-day trial if you are not already a member of this site.

Top Electronics Sales during the Holiday Season

Amazon Prime Day may be a great opportunity for Amazon to move Kindle, Fire, and Echo gadgets in general, but that’s not all that’s on sale. We have compiled a list of the most enticing deals on electronics and home products that we have found so far from businesses whose owners are not Jeff Bezos.

There are now early-bird specials on Amazon Fire TVs.

Even before the big sale, Amazon Prime members may save money on Fire TVs in the United States. Fire TVs from Insignia is on sale for as much as 38% off, with the largest savings coming from the 55-inch model, which was originally $449.99 but is now only $279.99. The JVC 32-inch Fire TV is currently on sale in the UK, marked down from £249.99 to £199.99.

Discount Samsung 8K TV

If you’re considering making the jump to 8K, now is the time to do it. The 55-inch Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV is currently available for £1,799 (opens in new tab) on Amazon Prime, a savings of £449.99 off the list price. With this discount, you can save 27% off the MSRP, which is quite close to the cost of many of the top 4K models.

It has a 55-inch screen.

Discounts are offered on models with larger screens than the lowest choice, which has a 55-inch screen. You can get the 75-inch model, for instance, for $3,499 after a savings of 32%.

Key Functions Available at Launch

Our resident fitness guru, Matt Kollat, has scoured Amazon Prime Early Access for the best offers on Fitbit fitness trackers, but Prime Early Access includes incredible bargains in every department imaginable (opens in new tab).

Here are Four Notable Discounts

Specifically, the Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 2, Fitbit Versa 3, and Fitbit Charge 5 have all seen significant price decreases. With a reduction of £43.99, the Amazon Prime Fitbit Versa 2 has the largest price cut. You can trust the quality of several of these Fitbits because they are included in T3’s list of the best Fitbits money can buy.

Video Games at a Low Price

Will you be shopping for cheap video games and accessories? If so, you should check out the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, which is full of incredible video game deals. Games for all the major platforms, including PS5 and Xbox Series X, and even console deals are on sale, as are a wide range of gaming peripherals including headphones, controllers, and steering wheels and pedal sets. Case in point: the Xbox Series S has been discounted by thirteen percent recently.

Anticipate problems and act quickly to prevent them

We at T3 are big supporters of smart home goods, and when it comes to smart lighting, Philips Hue is unrivaled. The fact that so many Philips Hue goods are on sale during the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is, therefore, quite encouraging.

Where to Find Quality Philips Products Online.

Today, Philips Hue items may be found in abundance on Amazon. Lighting strips, wake-up lights, standard bulbs, up-lighters, and starter kits are all included in this category. Philips Hue is undeniably high-quality, as seen by the multiple T3 Awards it has won in the category of “best smart lighting” over the previous five years.

There is a 35% price reduction on Roomba robot vacuums.

If you’d rather have a machine do all of the vacuumings for you, you may save a lot of money by shopping in the robovac department of the store. The iRobot Roomba S9+ is the latest and greatest model of the company’s robotic vacuum cleaner. It can clean in tight spaces because of its autonomous emptying dock and a squarer front design with a corner brush.

Sale on Board Games

An amazing selection of cheap board games is now available during the Amazon Prime Day sale, and Deputy Editor Rob Jones took some time away from the live blog to assemble it. Both kids and adults will enjoy the selection of board games available here. If you want to add some stylish, multicolored illumination to your dwelling, this product comes highly recommended.

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