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Amazon Fire TV Chromecast Coming Back

Finally, YouTube is coming back to Amazon Fire TV with Chromecast Support Addon. Be that as it may, YouTube is returning to Amazon Fire TV lineup for products. And the Amazon Prime Video app will be adding Chromecast support and become more widely available on Android TV.

To enumerate, those two developments, jointly announced by both companies on April 18, 2019. Marking the end of a long-running standoff between Google and Amazon. Above all, a feud that has kept a native YouTube app off of the Amazon Fire TV platform for well over a year. Not to mention, the discontinuity disadvantaged the customers as soon as these two tech giants entered into this spat. So to see that it’s over is very good news.

What is the Amazon Fire TV?

Surprisingly, We got the first flagship Amazon Fire TV streaming box in 2014. Whereas, that’s a long time in TV land. Not forgetting, at the time, 4K was still a new concept and nobody had heard of HDR (high dynamic range). Now both are mainstream concerns, key features in the best TVs, so it’s definitely time for an update.

For your information, the fundamental proposition is the same. Whereby, this is a little box that streams Amazon Video and under the top best streaming services. It’s sleeker and faster but, really, you’ll need an Amazon account to get the most out of it.

Oh, and this product is only really applicable if you have a 4K TV. If not, you can save some money by choosing the 1080p Amazon Fire TV Stick. So to say, it appears Amazon has been testing out some sort of shrink ray. Because the new Amazon Fire TV 4K is a quarter of its previous size. It was a set-top box the size of two stacked CD jewel cases, but now it’s more like a stack of cheese crackers.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player – Previous Generation

Google YouTube and Amazon Fire TV relationship

In the first place, Google will bring YouTube back to Amazon Fire TV devices “later this year.” Although not sure whether as per the time of this review, if the roll on is in place. However, the flagship YouTube app will come first sometime within the next few months — there’s no firm launch date as of yet.

Secondly, it will be followed by YouTube TV, the company’s subscription TV service. In addition to the child-oriented YouTube Kids before the end of 2019. Notably, the Amazon Fire TV will become fully certified for YouTube. Signaling that it offers first-rate video quality and minimal buffering. YouTube for Fire TV will also support Alexa voice commands for searching and playing content.

In exchange, Amazon Fire TV will be adding Chromecast integration to its own Prime Video mobile app. Allowing users to more easily view their movies and shows on a TV screen. So to say, if they own one of Google’s affordable Chromecast streaming dongles. Equally, Amazon Fire TV for Prime Video will also become universally available on Android TV. Until now, it’s been limited to select devices running that Operating System.

Absence of Amazon Fire TV and Smart Display

During its absence, Fire TV users were still able to access YouTube through web browsers. So it wasn’t completely unavailable. But a proper app will certainly make life easier for those customers.

Notably, this deal leaves out Amazon’s smart display, the Echo Show. And, so YouTube won’t be arriving on that device anytime soon. But a person familiar with the matter said that both companies continue to engage in an ongoing conversation. In the meantime, the browser workaround can be used as a way to access YouTube on the Show, too.

Google and Amazon would neither comment on the specifics of their new agreement nor they specifics. For one thing, how often they’ve tried to resolve things over the course of this stubborn feud. When YouTube was initially pulled off of Amazon Fire TV, there was a ton of finger pointing between the two companies.

Amazon Fire TV Set

Remarkably, the new Amazon Fire TV sets a new bar for streaming boxes.

What led to the Concerns Split?

On one hand, Amazon Fire TV claimed Google was hurting consumers and “selectively blocking customer access to an open website.” While Google voiced frustration with Amazon brushing off its Chromecast/Google Cast feature. And leaving it out of the Prime Video app for Android for years.

On the other hand, Google also took issue with the online retailer’s refusal to sell many of its products. Like Google Home, Chromecast, and Nest devices. Amazon resumed selling the Chromecast in December of last year. But that alone wasn’t enough for YouTube to relent.

Finally getting on board with casting and broadly expanding Prime Video on Android TV seems to have done the trick. The new agreement is strictly about streaming and doesn’t include any retail component. And, so Amazon hasn’t caved when it comes to selling Google Home (a direct competitor to its Echo speakers) or Nest’s more recent devices.

Reportedly, this has been a cycle of tech companies working out their differences. Apple and Qualcomm settled their contentious legal battle on Tuesday, April 2019 as well. Just as it headed to trial, and now we’ve got Amazon and YouTube finally reaching common ground.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills with access to over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. Enjoy favorites from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC, and more. Click image to start your direct purchase online.

Amazon Fire TV – Additional Desing features

Like the Google Chromecast Ultra, the new Fire TV has a tiny HDMI cable coming out of it, which helps to get it into tighter setups such as wall-mounted TVs. That’s one point Amazon has over the Roku Streaming Stick Plus, which has a rigid form factor and no bendy HDMI adapter.

The power supply has been switched from mains to micro USB, but don’t think that means you can run it off your TV – it insists you use the supplied mains adapter. It’s the same story with the Google Chromecast Ultra. To me, having to use a mains block defeats the purpose of shrinking the box so small. Meanwhile, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus can run off any old USB port.

Amazon has reverted to glossy plastic for the top of the Fire TV. The remote is familiar, which is a good thing. See more Additional Features of the Product.

Summing Up,

Does the world really need another streaming box? The answer is a resounding YES! Having just purchased the Amazon Fire TV and having tried many other streaming devices, I can assure you, the gadget is worth a short. Especially after having a test on a variety of streaming devices such as;

With this in mind, I can say that the Fire TV is a must-have for any value-oriented TV watcher. To understand why it’s first important to remember what the Fire TV and other streaming devices are competing against.

The simplicity of watching TV is has helped to make it a habit in most homes — turn on the TV and video begins playing right away. No need to change inputs, no need to wait for the TV to load (usually) and generally no network latency issues. Occasionally, you have to suffer through a grid to find something to watch, or channel surf using your remote control, but it has been brain-dead simple for many years. Full Review: Amazon’s Fire TV sets a new bar for streaming boxes.

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