Hoteza Lobby solutions to your Hospitality Business

What is Hoteza Lobby

Important to realize, using Hoteza Lobby, your guests can get information on your hotel, special offers, and the nearest tourist attractions. In addition to viewing flight timetables and weather forecasts. With a user-friendly interface, the touch-screen application is simple to navigate for any user.


Notably, the Lobby is normally accommodated in the lobby area or reception. And so the product services as an effective marketing tool, promoting various services. Such as SPA treatments, tours, and excursions, events, and restaurants, etc. Not to mention, there is also the option of drawing third-party advertisers, hence generating additional revenue.

Below are the main features affiliated to the Hoteza Lobby

In the first place, customers of bars and restaurants, who are currently not staying at the hotel, can also take advantage of this service. Whereas, Hoteza HSIA works with all hotel management systems, thus reducing costs associated with purchasing new hardware.

1. Intuitiveness and usability

Generally speaking, the intuitive interface and multisensor technologies will be simple and clear to all your guests without exception.

2. Utility

As a matter of fact, guests can check out the information to help them reach a museum or restaurant, to make an online flight registration, etc.

3. Marketing tool

In the same fashion, it is a powerful marketing tool for promoting services that are offered immediately at the hotel or beyond.

4. Email

Uniquely, guests can use email to send themselves information for future convenience on the hotel or hotel services.

5. Hoteza Lobby TV

To say nothing of, the lobby contains a set-top box free IPTV system that runs on Smart TVs, fully compatible with mobile applications. See more information regarding the Hoteza Tv Features.

6. Hoteza Lobby Mobile 

In addition, an application for smartphones and tablets allowing your guests to use the hotel services without having to call or ask reception. See more related information on the Hoteza Mobile Features.

[caption id="attachment_16433" align="aligncenter" width="965"]Hoteza Lobby
Hotel IPTV System for Smart TV without the use of Set-top Box (SBT) Devices.[/caption]

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