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Surprisingly, Jane Mukami and her love for fitness began with her own life experience back in 2008 as a 27-year-old. Generally speaking, like many young people, she thought she could eat anything she wanted and not be affected.

Not until her bad habit of consuming a lot of foods caught up with her as her clothes began to fit more snug than she was comfortable with. Besides having an expanding waistline, she was frequently tired and maintained a low energy level.

And also required the assistance of 5 Hour Energy drinks. In order to give her the boost, she needed to make it through the day. Up until this point, healthy eating and physical activity never crossed her mind, and she had no clue (because she was uneducated).

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Especially, now that her body was behaving in the manner that it was because she was not caring for it appropriately.

Jane Mukami Physical Training Journey

A pair of pants ripping while bending over to put on her shoes marked the beginning of her fitness journey towards a new Jane. Especially, because she desired to look and feel better. Whereas, she was compelled to find the answers on doing that.

But finding the right answers usually start with asking the right questions. In the beginning, she wanted to know how she could lose weight fast, so the only answers she cared to receive were of the variety of quick results. Jane tried several of the popular weight loss fads that included juicing, colon cleanses, and various diets.

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“You cannot romanticize your dreams and plans but dread or fear execution. The magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding. Just Do It.” – Jane Mukami

Dietary Exemplary Life 

Mukami never asked if these methods were safe, effective long-term, or appropriate for her goals. She also did not ask if it was ok for her to continue eating foods that put the pounds on in the first place.

You see, she wanted to experience a change without changing. She wanted these weight loss gimmicks to shed pounds on her without the need for Jane to give up the sweets she enjoyed or requiring that she engage in any physical activity.

In other words, she wanted to remain complacent and stuck with who she was and take short-cuts and cheat the process. This was just the beginning of her journey and though she had a desire for change in her life.

Although that desire was not yet strong enough because she continued jeopardizing her hopes for weight loss. The quick results tactics were not the answer and proved ineffective.

The next thing

She then decided to seek answers from someone experienced with obtaining results associated with weight loss and body transformation.

In particular, over the last 5 years, she has learned that having the right information and mental attitude is extremely important in order to to be successful.

She shares all her knowledge on her site that can help you realize your fitness potential by taking what she has learned and sharing it in a comprehensive manner that includes educating you in both nutrition and physical activity.

Her desire is to serve as a guide to you as you seek answers to questions while pursuing an improved version of yourself. We all have to begin our journey by taking the very first step towards any personal goal.

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Jane Mukami – #FlashbackFriday 2012 Atlanta Georgia 31 years old…my #fitness life was just beginning
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Face beat by @latashawright
Body built by @rocshabazz

Jane Mukami and her Fitness Journey

  1. 2008 May to July: 90-day outdoor boot camp session
  2. 2009 Nov: 1st 1/2 marathon in 1hour 52 minutes + Kickboxing class
  3. 2010 March: 2nd 1/2 Marathon in 1 hour 48 minutes + Weight training class
  4. 2010 Feb to May: p90x Weight training DVD program
  5. 2011 March: 1st NPC bodybuilding competition In Atlanta, Georgia Placed 2nd
  6. 2011 Sept: 2nd NPC bodybuilding competition in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Placed 2nd
  7. 2012 August: 3rd bodybuilding competition – Atlanta, GA
  8. 2013 June: 4th bodybuilding competition – Atlanta, GA
  9. 2013 August: 5th bodybuilding competition – Greensboro


  1. 2013 February: Certified Personal Trainer by AAAI (American Aerobic Association International)
  2. 2013 February: Certified Wellness & Nutrition Consultant by AFPA (American Fitness Professional Associates)

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