Music Streaming Online Service Solutions Guide

As an Artists or even Musician, you can easily utilize various Music Streaming Online to make an income. In addition, it is one of the finetuned ways to vibrantly and lucratively create a new following base. Increasing your music brand awareness as well as getting various allocated deals and signed in label records.

Below, let’s have a look at some guiding tips in achieving the best results through free music streaming online platforms. In that case, with clear examples, as revised online by various content and product developers. Not to mention, a life without music is truly unimaginable.

Whether on the web, mobile phones or tablets, the options for music access are unlimited. And so are the premium and free music streaming online web platforms. With service solutions support that is growing at lightning fast speed.

Of course, this makes it very complicated to choose one or two from them and decide the most appropriate one. The following list of guiding tips offers you some of the best options to consider as an artist or musician. Especially considering whether to have your music on premium, standard or even free music streaming online. Helping you out of the complicated state.

In reality, Music Streaming service solutions make it easier for you to make informed decisions. As to which ones are the best to get a space in. Especially for your devices without burning a hole in your pockets.

Music Streaming Service Solutions
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Join the list of Million active users on various Music Streaming services paid for their content downloads and endorsements annually. Follow some of the guides listed below.

A. Create Your Online Music Streaming Website

In the first place, despite all of these qualified music platforms below, all serious musicians need a personal website. In general, that prominently displays their latest and greatest music. You’ll most likely be using one of the aforementioned selections to upload your tracks. But, having your music on each of these platforms and not on your own website is a recipe for disaster.

As a rising artist, it’s smart to have your music centralized in a few prominent places. As opposed to throwing a dozen different links at fans and press. And out of all these options, maintaining a sharp, up-to-date website is perhaps the most vital. When you start to draw bigger and more influential figures to your catalog, rest assured that your website will be one of their first visits.

In that case, when all world’s load comes crumbling on you, jmexclusives is there to offer you support. Not only in creating a longlasting, vibrant and responsive website, but also an AMP Ready one too. Whereby, as a minimum threshold, most of your content consumers and website users originate through mobile and other search results gadgets.

Gone are the longevity stays behind a desktop or workstation perusing over myriads of pages to choose from. With a user-friendly website, you will increase both your lead conversions and affiliation, increasing and boosting sales in equal proportions. Plug us in whenever you’ll be ready.

B. Promoting yourself on Music Streaming Platforms

Having your music content whether in audio or video format on these free music streaming platforms has adept benefits. For instance, your band has recorded a few songs and you’ve even gotten music gigs, but things don’t really seem to be escalating as you hoped they would.

As an example, if your phone isn’t ringing often (or isn’t ringing at all), it is a definite sign that a new promotional strategy is in order. Whether you attempt to do it yourself or through the guidance of a Professional Music Management Agency, there are plenty of benefits.

1. Music Streaming Platforms Builds Up Your Fanbase

The more people are exposed to your music, the more potential listeners you can gain. By putting in place a strategy that gets your songs into more spaces, you are increasing your chances to become somebody’s favorite new band, setting off a word-of-mouth chain reaction that might land you your next gig.

It isn’t just about quantity — it’s about quality, too.  Reaching a wider audience through music promotion means you can have access not only to more fans but also to better fans: the loyal die-hards.

These are the people who will respond when you need extras for a video.  They’ll join your street team in exchange for concert tickets.  They’ll chip in if you’re trying to crowdfund the expenses for your new album.  And, above all else, they’ll get your name out there for you — just because they want to.

2. Network with Brands and Musicians

If you’re a fan of band biographies, you know that oftentimes it was fellow musicians who introduced producers, executives or even band members to other groups.  Music promotion can help connect you with your colleagues and establish a very useful network of contacts.  It may sound like cliched advice, but it truly is about more than just what you know: it’s also who you know.

Metal heavyweight Metallica is just one example of the powers of networking.  Metallica’s lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett, got his first gig after members of his former band, Exodus, introduced him to vocalist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich.

Years later, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins followed a similar path, joining the band through a recommendation by Alanis Morissette.  Even if other musicians don’t perform exactly the same type of music as you, they can still help connect you with relevant artists.  You may be surprised at what sort of collaborative projects you get involved with as your talents grow and your musical interests expand.

Music Streaming Online
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In addition to introducing you to other artists, your fellow musicians can also help you get the attention of key industry people.  Toward that end, you should also be thinking about.

3. Connecting with Record Labels & A&RS

Times have changed drastically for the music business since the ’90s and even the early ’00s. Giant record stores are but a shadow of what they used to be, record deals are scarcer, and major record labels have gradually given way to the might of indie labels and DIY album releases.  If one thing remains the same, it is the importance of having A&Rs listen to your music.

A&R stands for “Artists and Repertoire,” but you probably know this role by a different name: the talent scout.  A&Rs are often described as the “gatekeepers” of the music industry because their attention has the power to lift an emerging act out of obscurity and into fame.

C. Going for the Best Music Streaming Platforms

Music streaming is by far the most popular way for us to consume music. Where once we had to import and rip CDs to our computers, or download songs (legally we hope), we now access to the music from all over the world through our smartphones.

There’s fierce competition between music streaming services too, but out of all the services available, there are four that can be considered the “big players”: SpotifyApple MusicGoogle Play Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

While all four offer access to similarly large catalogs of music, each has its own unique features to help differentiate. Which means picking the service that is right for you can be tricky. Here is the full guide.

D. Understanding the Root of Music Streaming Online

In reality, aspiring musicians should be wary: landing a CD on an A&R’s desk, or getting them to attend your show, is nowhere near enough.  If these industry scouts take notice of what you do, it is critical that they encounter an act which exhibits;

  • credibility,
  • professionalism,
  • and the potential to handle the spotlight of the music business with ease.  (And talent, of course.)

A strong promotional campaign can help a band achieve that status and maximize their chances at landing a sought-after record deal. As an example, Rock and roll guru Dave Grohl summed up his advice for aspiring bands with three words: “Go play live.”

Even though he has the evidence to back up his words of wisdom, most groups out there have found that playing gigs aren’t enough on its own.  With the right strategy in place, music promotion is often the solution for musicians who seek to play for millions.

C. A Rise in Premium Music Streaming Subscriptions

For sure and for one thing, numbers can be deceiving. For when asked to discuss their growth, streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music will often quote their global user statistics instead of those related to a specific country or continent.

As if that isn’t necessarily wrong by any means, it can lead consumers and investors alike to perceive a company’s standing in a different light. In January, Spotify announced it now welcomed over 200 million users every month.

That figure, which refers to the platform’s total global user count, included 96 million paying premium subscribers. No further details were given related to where paying subscriptions came from, nor has any similar information been provided to the media since.

Further, a new report from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) shed a bit more light. Especially on the streaming market. According to the study, 50 million US consumers paid for streaming music services in 2018.

Premium Music Streaming Users
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Use of such platforms rose 33% over 2017’s numbers, and it’s likely to grow further still in 2019.

But, is the Music Streaming Era Coming to an End?

With streaming services asserting its market dominance, the music industry must now try to convince an entire generation. Particularly raised on free to start paying up—without scaring them off.

As an example, for those who share a birthday with Napster—which launched June 1, 1999—are turning 18 today. It’s an age when music often means the world. How differently, though, are these digital natives hearing their favorite artists compared to listeners from decades past?

Moreover, there’s always a risk of exaggerating the changes facing younger generations. But the shift undergone in this millennium feels less ephemeral and more profound than, say, transitioning from cassettes to CDs. And this is because music is now free.

As a matter of fact, before Napster, to hear whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, you had to pay for it. However, pirated music still exists, of course, but the real breakthrough for the music industry over the last decade has been free ad-supported streaming. For example;

  • Vast libraries of songs ready at a click’s notice?
  • Personally customized online radio stations?

It’s all there, all the time—on car trips, in the shower, while sleeping or partying or working out or studying—and it doesn’t have an obvious cost.

For your Takeaway,

In summary, the ability to stream music online without paying for it has been under threat for a while. In late 2014, after Taylor Swift’s high-profile decision to withhold her album 1989 from Spotify in the wake of proclaiming that “music should not be free,” a Sony Music exec reportedly said the label was re-evaluating its support for free, ad-supported streaming. By March 2015, major label sources were saying that “we need to rethink free.”

More than a year later, the practice hasn’t gone anywhere, but the business around it has evolved. Streaming companies that previously used to offer only free, ad-supported services, like YouTube and SoundCloud, have started providing paid-subscription options.

Pandora, which provides online radio rather than songs that can be streamed on-demand, has undertaken an acquisition and a change in management. Apple Music and Tidal entered the on-demand streaming fray, both without a bona fide free tier.

Moreover, the record industry has—for now, at least—shifted its crosshairs from Spotify to the biggest music streaming service of all, YouTube, in a battle over copyright law. So, whichever side you are on, there will always be something you can celebrate from your original and valid music content. Just go for It!

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If you have questions about how music promotion could help your band or solo act, jmexclusives Agency can help. Call us at (254) 724-944456 or send your email to for FAQs and Answers. Additionally, find more useful and related topic links listed below.

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