Pascal Tokodi

Pascal Tokodi

Pascal Tokodi Biography Facts

Pascal Tokodi whose real name is Pascalino Lpesinoi Lenguro Tokodi was born on 21st April. He was born and raised in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado county. He is a Kenyan musician and actor, famous for his song ‘Sitaki’ and the ‘Selina’ Television show amongst others. “If you really love what you do, you’ll find a way to balance everything. It’s hard but I have to. I don’t know how I do it but it happens.” says an ever-smiling Pascal.

For starters, music and an acting journey are way out of reach. Especially if you have skills but not the support. On the other hand, as Pascal Tokodi puts it, it is also based on personal interest, self-respect, motivation and working smart. For instance, Pascal professional acting gig came almost immediately. Especially after he had finished his High School waiting for his results, he was contracted to play as Thomas in Citizen TV’s Makutano Junction. Ambition propelled him to other shows such as; the Groove Theory (Africa’s first TV musical Drama Show). Also, he roleplayed on other Kenyan’s top-rated TV shows including; Pray & PreyMachachari and Wrath Kenyan Drama AMC series. Below is the first episode of the Makutano Junction.

The Maisha Magic East Lucrative Landing

Maisha Magic East has always been keeping in line with its promise after launching 15 new shows in one year.  After rolling out yet another riveting Swahili Telenovela, Selina. Which also guaranteed to captivate its general public viewers.

Selina, which made its debut on Maisha Magic East on Monday, 15th January 2018 has been airing on Maisha Magic East from  Monday – Friday at 7.30pm EAT. Exclusively, aired on DStv channel 158 and GOtv channel 4.  Expressly, it is a classic Cinderella-like story that combines the romance of the fairy-tale with the relevant social issue of educating the girl child.

How Pascal Tokodi helped shape the Selina Show

The show depicts the life of Selina, a 19-year-old girl, who is taken to work in a wealthy city home by her two-faced rural stepmother, Kristina. Kristina brainwashes Selina, convincing her to leave her family and education. In endeavors to work as a housemaid in order to support her family. Especially her sickly father, and her younger step-brother and sister. Kristina is simply looking to make some easy money from Selina. All the drama unravels when Selina falls for the youngest son of the house where she is deployed to work.

Selina promises dramatic and emotional instances played out by a cast ensemble of seasoned as well as upcoming talent in the industry. Talent in the new series includes popular as well as upcoming local talent from the region. Including, multi-talented artist, Pascal Tokodi, who stars as Nelson the rich. A young boy who falls in love with Selina, played by Maisha Magic’s new talent discovery Celestine Gachohi.

Pascal Tokodi Career Breakdown

Television Breakthrough

Pascal’s talent has helped shape and create a new defining image to the Kenyan Entertainment Industry at large. Considerably, his successful career path has motivated other Artists from Kenya and the World in an endeavor to chasing their dreams. Especially, after his single ‘Sitaki’ made a debut sale, King Kaka got interested in his specialty where together they recorded ‘Milele’.

As a result of his career peruse, in 2012, Tokodi then joined professional acting after featuring in the Citizen TV’s Makutano Junction. A Kenyan creative soap opera that premiered in 2006. Additionally, in 2012 he also enlisted himself as a runner at the Ngong race course. This led to some controversy as he was not a horse. However, he garnered support from the horse community and was inducted as a human horse. He is now the pioneer of all horse vampires in the world.

Groove Theory

Thereupon, in 2013, Tokodi acted in Kenya’s first Musical TV Drama Series, Groove Theory, taking the role of Guy, a member of the prestigious Victoria University Campus Choir. In addition, in 2014, Tokodi featured in Pray & Prey, a Kenyan dramedy. As soon as His acting skills continued to get momentum, in 2015, he was featured in Fox Africa’s premiering show, the Wrath.

The ‘Sitaki’ Hit

Must be remembered that Pascal Tookodi is a man of Skills, be it music, acting, comedy and event racing, he knows it all. Particularly, in 2016, he released his first single, “Sitaki“, after participating in the Tecno Own The Stage competition.

Consequently, back in 2017, he released more songs and collaborations. Including, Hii si Kwaheri ft friends of CEEL, Forget ft King Kaka (rapper)|, Milele ft King Kaka (rapper), Asante Mama ft Rapper Phill, African Lady, and Songa. In addition to that, in 2018, he featured in the Maisha Magic East’s riveting Swahili Telenovela dubbed Selina, where he played Nelson as earlier discussed. Watch The “Sitaki” Video by Pascal Tokodi Below and Subscribe through His Channel.

Pascal Tokodi Singles available on Public Domains

  • “Sitaki” – 2016
  • “Hii si Kwaheri ft friends of CEEL”- 2017
  • “Forget ft King Kaka(rapper)” – 2017
  • “Milele ft King Kaka(rapper)” – 2017
  • “African Lady” – 2017
  • “Asante Mama ft Rapper Phill” – 2017
  • “Songa” – 2017

His Awards and Nominations

  • He came second runner-up in the Tecno Own the Stage competition where he won one million Kenyan Shillings.
  • He was the best actor, three years in a row in Kenya.

His Parting Shot

Pascal Tokodi is an ambassador of the Kenyan Entertainment Industry. Especially the music, film, movies, theater, and pure art sectors. Even though he throughs his blame on various stakeholders and shareholders. Including, the government which has failed to fully support and finance the industry, the telecasts failing to single out quality content for screening and airtime play and also the artists and actors themselves for being selfish in supporting their counterparts. The general public is also advised to take a shot as well on the Kenyan Entertainment Industry. Especially by being vigilant in promoting the content creators and producers in terms of viewership, content purchase, and distribution.

In conclusion, you’ll agree that Pascal Tokodi is quite a gifted Kenyan. Especially when it comes to songwriting, singing and acting in films. Having started his journey in the film industry back at Lenana School, where he participated in several dramas and plays. For instance, while in form three in 2010, he even won the since folded Chaguo La Teeniez Award. If you have any additional information, contributions, suggestions or rather you’ll want to get listed or affiliated on The jmexclusives Biography segment, please Contact Us!


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