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Bandzoogle Online Music Selling Platform is one of the most preferable digital music selling application site. Not to mention, for the upcoming musicians and music writers, selling their music one online is one of their major priority.

Having in mind that; some of the established online music platforms are a no go zone to them. Especially due to their limiting capacities, competitive markup and even playlists exclusion. However, the Bandzoogle Platform brings you good news. Bearing in mind that; the idea behind its inception is not only to sell your music online but also to have a sense of belonging.

Sell Music Online with Bandzoogle
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Bandzoogle Website Builders for Musicians

If you’re a musician thinking about how to optimize your seo-automated-link-building-2 for SEO, we want to show you why we think Bandzoogle is your best option for a website platform. Bandzoogle websites are packed with built-in search engine optimization features for musicians that you probably don’t even know about. Let’s take a look at them.

From the beginning, the Bandzoogle Platform developers have had a simple goal. And which is empowering the various musicians and songwriters through their competitive built-in effective and stable Website for their music. Needless to say, Cloud Computing & Technology is relentlessly and effortless subduing the perseverance of online presence.

On one hand, making it impossible for less informed brands, products and businesses to successfully make a living digitally. On the other hand, rewarding those adept and lucrative enough to adjust and fit in the demanding SEO Century.

How Bandzoogle Platform Came to Be

As a matter of fact, just like any other Online Music Selling Platform, the Bandzoogle came to be as a result of restless humiliation. Through its founder Chris Vinson, the Bandzoogle started with a single band website. However, for his artistic Alt-rock Band Rubberman grassroots promotion plus the online community, they got a record deal.

Surprisingly enough, in between tours, Chris worked at the record label, building Websites for Multi-platinum Selling Artists. Below is a Video Guide on How to Sell Music Online with Bandzoogle

To save time, he built a “Control Panel” to let managers and artists make the changes themselves. Realizing this could also help independent Bands and Musicians build and update their own websites, Chris launched Bandzoogle in late 2003.

Notably, more than a decade later, tens of thousands of artists from around the world use Bandzoogle. Increasingly every day to build their Custom Websites and Promote their Music Online.

Bandzoogle Built-in Features

Important to realize, most of the music celebrities are commendably busy. In particular, hopping from one performance event to the other. Not to mention that the music creators have to create their own time for personalized calls and life adventures.

Of course, most of their fans seemingly looks upon them at a demanding nature which you’ll only compare to being the ‘Demigods.‘ To say nothing of, the Bandzoogle Platform makes it easy for these busy musicians to easily manage their control panel even if they are moving. Whereas, they can update their tour dates and blog page from the road and manage everything from newsletters to store purchases.

How to Transfer your Bandzoogle Domain
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Bandzoogle Website Building Platform 

Equally important, the Bandzoogle features allows you as an artist to Sell Music, Merch, Downloads & Tickets Commission Free. Similarly, you’ll will simply and eloquently add your online music store in just two clicks.

Enabling you to start selling your music, downloads, tickets, and brand merch almost immediately. Best of all, you’ll not be charged any extra commission on sales, unlike other related Online Selling Music Platforms.

1. Free Domain Name

Must be remembered that most Domain Names Online have a price tag. However, the Bandzoogle platform provides your music website page with a free and custom .com domain name. As long as you become a member.

2. AMP Ready & Responsive Websites

On the contrary, as a Music Website Designer & Developer, the biggest worry is having your website redundant. Which means you’ll have your Website ready yes, but the final say lies on the user and who is your follower, subscriber or even your fan. Above all, the biggest percentage of online website visitors requires a fully responsive website in regards to the devices they’ll use to search on. Notwithstanding, even if you are a top listed musician, you’ll have little or no conversion from your website if it is not fast enough, user-friendly and also interactive.

3. Fan Mailing List Tools

As a Musician, one of the most important roles is the ability to respond to your online FAQs. With this in mind, you’ll be able to add email Signup Forms to your website to grow your own fan email list. Design, schedule and send newsletters.

4. Built-in Tour Calendar

Apart from adding the settings to your mailing list, the platform is in-built calendar enabled. Whereas you’ll add a tour calendar to your website in a few clicks, or sync with Bandsintown. Giving your particular fans useful and detailed event information and sharing links.

5. Social Media Integrations

The main important aspect of social media is that it has privileges of customization. Inasmuch you’ll be able to frequently revisit your social media profiles and work on them, the same case is not similar to your Website.

Therefore, integrating all your social media profiles on your music website bars is a key aspect to not only allowing a free will of connection from your fans but also an important ground for them to get all the useful information under one roof. The Bandzoogle allows you to easily share music, tour dates, and content to your social platforms. Then again pulling your socials onto your website in a few clicks.

6. SEO for Musicians

Be that as it may, the Bandzoogle Platform allows you to not only build beautifully but also mobile-friendly theme oriented music sites. In other words, you’ll be able to build a gorgeous band website in minutes. At the same time, customizing fonts, colors, and layouts with just a few clicks.

Best of all, the Bandzoogle modern, responsive themes look great on all devices. See some of the 13 Reasons Why the Platform has The Best SEO for Musicians. Bandzoogle websites are built with search engine optimization features designed to help fans find your music.

7. Fanbase Data

Apart from the above-mentioned features, you’ll get all the integrated reporting tools. letting you know who your customers are, where they come from, and what they’re buying.

Bandzoogle Tagline
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Summing Up

In conclusion, the Bandzoogle musician-friendly web experts are available on a 24hrs call. Whereas they provide you as a musician with an opportunity for a free online chat or even an email guided response.

Another key point is that the support team is made up of singers, producers, and music geeks who also happen to be expert Website Designers. Generally speaking, with a goal of empowering you to build the most effective website for your sole or band music.

What are you waiting for, START NOW!

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