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SBT Company Limited is one of the leading automobile trading companies around the globe. Whereas its headquarters is located in Yokohama, Japan. Surprisingly, each and every automobile in the SBT great inventory is purchased after careful appraisal and inspection. Notably, the appraisal and inspection take place in Japan, South Korea, United States, UK, or Germany. Exclusively by their discerning and experienced buyers, so that every automobile that SBT Automobiles have is of your best choice too. As an illustration, you can see The most Googled SBT SUV for the year 2014 Make.


SBT Company Limited Automobiles

In the first place, once a customer buys the SBT automobile, it is sent to them within the shortest time possible. Especially through their smooth and prompt procedures. On one hand, the SBT Company Limited is operating their foreign offices in over  15 countries. In particular, providing customized user experience delivery solutions and services in the automobiles industry globally. To say nothing of, since their first entry into the market, the SBT has been growing with innovative ideas, improved technologies, and solid systems. On the other hand, their edible customers can easily and efficiently select the cars of their choice by using their powerful SBT Car search engine inventory panel.

Surprisingly, the company has sales offices from all over the world. In the light of 24/7/365 customer service centers to assist their customer with all their purchasing procedures. Uniquely, always beyond your computer screen willingly and ready to offer you all the exclusive automobiles purchasing needs.

Equally important, the SBT Company Limited allows you as a registered customer to participate in their automobiles auctions. Whereas you’ll find your favorite and custom built automobiles for your purchase-action order. Make your own Online Automobile Bid with the SBT Today!

SBT Company Limited Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I have to do to buy a car?

Furthermore, the SBT Company Limited Registration is required.  Whereas, after registration is completed, you can buy any car that you want.

Q. Do you have any criteria to become a registered member of SBT

Anyone who is an automobile dealer or an individual buyer can apply for the membership. However, for an individual car buyer, we encourage you to check your country’s regulations before purchase. We are not familiar with the laws of your country. We are not able to offer you any advice or to introduce you to any car importer or customs clearing agent in your country.

Q. How many used cars are normally available in your Inventory and in an auction?

Usually, we have more than a thousand cars in our regular inventory. In addition, you can have access to about 150,000 cars a week available at different online auctions we cover. Usually, we have 2 to 3 RORO Ships and 4 to 5 Container Shipments in a month.

Q. What payment methods can be accepted by SBT?

Because of the high frequency of credit card fraud, we don’t accept payment by credit card. We only accept payment by telegraphic transfer to our designated bank account from your bank.

Q. How long does it take me to receive my car?

We cannot tell you the exact time for your car to be delivered to you as it completely depends on the shipping schedule. However, your car will be shipped on the earliest available vessel. Usually, it takes 4 to 8 weeks at most.

Q. Is there any membership fee?

No. No fees or hidden charges are required. So don’t hesitate and sign up now.

Q. If I purchase a vehicle at $ 2,000, how much will I have to pay as extra charges?

If the price is in FOB, you will have to pay Freight charge, Clearance fee, Import duty, Registration fee, Compliance fee, and any other fee which may occur according to the import regulations of your country. If the price is in C&F, you can omit Freight charge from the above charges.

Q. Can I purchase LHD cars from SBT?

LHD cars are very rare in Japan. LHD cars are usually imported from countries like the US, Europe, and Korea. However, you can search for an LHD car in a fair amount of Korean and American Inventory.

Q. Can I cancel my purchase order?

When you cancel an order, we may have to resell that car in an auction or in any other way. Therefore, if you cancel the order, you have to pay the balance in addition to the costs that may incur.

Q. Do you inspect the cars before shipping?

All the cars are thoroughly inspected to confirm that there is no difference between the actual specifications and those on the specification sheet.

Q. When can I use online auction service?

You can use it every day.

Q. Is there any way to know an indicative bidding price?

Yes, the data from recent auctions will be a good source of information as it indicates the prices of vehicles sold over the last 3 months.

Q. Do your staffs inspect the cars before bidding?

We have highly skilled professionals who carefully inspect the cars. Before the professionals decide to bid a car, they confirm that the actual specification and condition of the car matches the information provided by the auction house. [caption id="attachment_15988" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]
SBT Company Limited SUV 2014
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Coming as a Mid Size SUV this vehicle has hybrid versions being in demand across the globe. In the used car market, Africa loves it to a superior level with America as a hot market for this vehicle in a brand new form.[/caption]

For further questions, feel free to contact the SBT Team using the following contact details;

Call:   +81-45-290-9485 Fax:   +81-45-290-9486 Email: Skype:   sbtcsc

Summing Up

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