Dreams Ajiri Dada

 Dreams Ajiri Dada Dreams Ajiri Dada (Employ Girls and Young women) Initiative Project (ADIP) is a two-year project. This project is run by Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) under the DREAMS Innovation Challenge. The Innovation Challenge aims to reduce the incidence of HIV infections. Particularly, in adolescent girls and young women living in 10 sub-Saharan African countries. Meanwhile, the implementation of innovative solutions contributes to the overall PEPFAR target of a 40% reduction in new HIV infections. Please Learn More. [caption id="attachment_12910" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]

Dreams Ajiri Dada
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The Foundation

The United States funds the Dreams Ajiri Dada Initiative Project (ADIP). This is through an Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Also, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV (Janssen), one of the Janssen pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson; and ViiV Healthcare. John Snow, Inc (JSI) company manages the funding of the project on behalf of PEPFAR and other donors. Most important, Gloria Muliro is the current ambassadress of AMURT in the project Ajiri Dada Initiatives. AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) is a voluntary charitable non-governmental organization. Since 1995 in India by Shri Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.

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Dreams Ajiri Dada
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Its original objective is to help meet the needs of victims of disasters that regularly hit the Indian subcontinent. Over the years AMURT establishes teams to create a network that can meet development and disasters’ anywhere. Since 1985 AMURT has been broadening the goal to include long-term development. In Kenya, it has been there since 1993 as a non-profit organization. Thou, it runs 22 projects countrywide. Furthermore, this organization has been working with local communities, local administrators and organizations to offer as services. Also, plays a useful role in helping the poor break the cycle of poverty. Development is the human exchange; sharing resources, wisdom, knowledge. Hence, experience to build a better world.

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Dreams Ajiri Dada
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jmexclusives – Dreams Ajiri Dada Initiative.[/caption]


AMURT has a series of policies and manuals to control and manage its projects. Clearly, it has HR policies, Risk management policies, Operational policies, Finance manual, Volunteers manual, assets management policy. Travel policy and procurement policy.


AMURT’s fundamental values offering guidance in the implementation of the mission include: Caring Attitude: It expresses compassionate support and concern for the underprivileged community. By educating PLWHAS on Income Generating Activities so as to sustain their livelihood. Donor Friendly: AMURT has over 10 donors. It maintains close relations by providing quarterly, semiannual and annual reports and feedback on project progress. Financial Sustainability: They believe in meeting the future needs of rural and urban informal settlements for years to come. As a result, strives to carry out its mission by ensuring sufficient financial resources are available. Integrity and Accountability: AMURT has the highest level of integrity and accountability.In its administration, service, and outreach activities in line with the mission and objectives. It maintains accurate reports and records for activities carried out.

Other values include:

Partnerships: AMURT works with various partners to meet project objectives through partner support in offering quality services, advocacy. They also educate the public in the interest of rural and urban informal settlements. Respect: While AMURT provides support to the rural community and informal settlements. It recognizes the community’s culture and religion without interference. These practices are non-religious, non-political and nonprofit. Responsiveness: AMURT finds solutions that meet the needs of the communities through disaster relief and support.

Ultimate Goals

The intervention revolves around boosting on the current unmet high demand for skilled and professional house attendants in Nairobi. Especially,  33% of upmarket residential estates through a strategic partnership model consolidating several players. Including the public sector, the private sector, and CSOs. In particular,  ADIP identifies and recruit girls (19 to 24 years) from Nairobi’s informal settlements. To invest in current DREAMS implementing partners in Nairobi County. Once recruited, GYW undergoes a series of training and mentorship. This includes housekeeping skills, health education including HIV prevention, FP/STI and SRH. However, basic training on hygiene and sanitation, and financial literacy training.  ADIP has also partnered with Jazza Centre in training targeted GYW on professional housekeeping. [caption id="attachment_12914" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]
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jmexclusives – Dreams Ajiri Dada.[/caption]

AMURT Partners

AMURT work with informal settlement leaders and CBOs to identify and recruit 2000 targeted GYW. In addition, the project ride on other USG initiatives, including partners implementing DREAMS. However, in Nairobi County to identify eligible girls through their registers. These girls go through one-month of professional training in domestic housekeeping. As a result, this equips them with required skills for absorption into the job market. As stipulated in the minimum wages under Kenyan labor laws. They start earning salaries upon job placement. To save part of their income for future meaningful investments. For instance, starting of market-driven small businesses/IGAs.

Geographical coverage

The project is in 10 sub-counties of Nairobi county. For instance, informal settlements of  Kawangware, Mukuru, Kware, Mathare, Kibera, Kangemi, Korogocho, Dandora, Githurai among others.

Target beneficiaries

AJIRI DADA Initiative Project (ADIP) primary focus is to train and link to employment. To 2000 Girls and Young Women whose age is 19 to 24 years are at risk of contracting HIV. Hence, the project provides HIV prevention education to these girls. The project also targets vulnerable girls living in informal settlements spread within 10 Sub-Counties of Nairobi County. Girls and young women in these informal settlements are at risk of an increase in HIV. This is due to multiple structural factors, such as social norms, gender inequality, and poverty. These project interventions help focus on reducing economic drivers that increase the girls’ sexual risk behaviors. Thus, the project addresses the unemployment of GYW. And, contributes towards HIV prevention and health education for the beneficiaries. Other indirect beneficiaries reached by this project include children to targeted Girls and young women, parents and other family members.
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