Lydia Livingstone Biography

Lydia Livingstone Biography Break Down

Lydia Livingstone is a Tanzania born and raised Female Artist. So to say, she is a staunch Christian with a foundation based on her Christian upbringing.  She accounts in following the footsteps of her parents. They facilitated her deliverance in her youthfulness and ushered her way to Christ.

Lydia Livingstone Background Life

Lydia grew up in the outskirts of Mbeya Region. However, her background is from Kyela District. To explain, did you know that this is where one of the famous tribe in Tanzania is found? I.e. Nyakyusa. Historically, it is believed that most of the gospel singers are from the Nyakyusa tribe.

In fact, this is proved by a long list of Gospel Musicians found in Tanzania. For example; Bahati Bukuku, Martha Mwaipaji, and Beatrice Mwaipaji. Surprisingly, Bonny Mwaitege and Edison are on the list too just to mention but a few.

Lydia schooled at Mbeya primary and secondary. Later on, she went to Dar es Salaam for her Tourism and Travel Management course. Furthermore, after completing the course, she joined Cambridge International College.

Lydia Livingstone Biography
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This is where she pursued a Diploma in Tourism and Travel Agent Management.

Her Family Life

Lydia Livingstone is married to Livingstone Lekule. Together, they are blessed with three sons; Lyons, Lewis, and Larry. Just like any other wife and mother, she sets her priorities on her family.

Moreover, she performs her daily household chores owing to her tight and busy daily schedule. As expected from home, job, entrepreneurship and her music diary. She gets a lot of support from her family too. Especially, from her husband to accomplish her dream.

Her Gospel Music Epitome

At first, Lydia could sing in her church choir and engage in musical competitions while schooling. Lydia is also popularly known as Simbajike. A name she says represents her fullness in fighting for the rights of others. Also, it symbolizes her calling which she can’t hide for the glory of the Lord.

In addition, she did a song under that same name which is Amka Simba Jike. An inspiration which originated from the Lioness Ministry for women at her church. The song has the components of the teachings of the Ministry. Notably, Lydia has a unique gift in Gospel which she transforms and communicates in her music.

Lydia Livingstone
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Furthermore, her proactive melodies are realized through praise, worship, urban and contemporary genres. Many say she has a talent when it comes to creating her music lyrics. Her music is based on her own life experience, bible verses, and external aspects.

Gospel Music alone is not what builds Lydia’s presence. Lydia is a lead life coach and mentor, vocalist, songwriter, humanitarian and involves herself with charitable works. Being a true worshipper, she at times leads praise and worship at her church. Moreover, Lydia is also very vibrant and proactive when it comes to public and private live performances. You could book her if you have an upcoming event or a public function at your place.

Her Fashion Line

Apart from being involved with evangelism and music, Lydia is also a professional fashionista. She is the founder of Rock Arts which is based in Arusha Tanzania. Rock Arts are pro designers, art and culture-oriented company. Uniquely, Rock Arts are also affiliated with Chineke Models. They custom design costumes for both men and women.

Rock Arts Designs by Lydia Livingstone
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In addition, they engage in ceremonial décor and offer events hospitality.

Her Discography

Lydia Livingstone Music emerged in 2010. Notably, in 2013 she released her first Album known as Amka Simba Jike. The Album has seven songs. Namely,

  1. Amka Simba Jike,
  2. Mke Mwema,
  3. Bwana Atarejesha,
  4. Ninapo ianza Safari,
  5. Cha Kutumaini sina,
  6. Nisamehe Baba,
  7. Baba Wewe ni wa kuabudiwa.

In 2015 she released her second album Chineke.  Markedly, it means; (God the creator). The Album has 8 songs. Such as,

  1. Chineke,
  2. Acha Nikuimbie,
  3. Machozi hayalipi,
  4. Mtoto wa Africa,
  5. Bwana Yesu ni Wetu,
  6. Njia Moja tu,
  7. I love you, Jesus,
  8. Nilipo Fika.

Apart from the recorded audios and videos, she still has some work in the studio. Especially, the audios. Her new video #Wastahili will be released on the 23rd Nov 2018.  Besides, the song is featured in her 3rd Album.

Lydia Livingstone Parting Shot

She is motivated by various successful Gospel Artists. Both from Tanzania and Neighboring countries. Likewise, she admires their hard work, excellence and will to deliver the great message of God. Besides, just like Christ loved us, we should all embark on a journey to lift souls and console the weak.

When asked about her mentors and motivators, she has Ada from Nigeria as her role model. Although, she also finds Christina Susho from Tanzania and Gloria Muliro from Kenya as true counterparts. Lydia aspires to have her own platform where she will be conducting praise and worship. Also, create a unique venue for events with refreshments and cuisines within Arusha town.

Lydia Livingstone Social Media Platforms

Lydia is currently socially integrated. Through her social media profiles, you can get her daily inspirations, her contacts, bible verses, and music links. She understands the need for being in social media platforms to the modern world. She actively shares her experiences and thoughts through the following platforms:

  1. Facebook Fans Page – Like Here!
  2. Twitter Followers Profile – Follow Her!
  3. Brand Line Facebook Page – Like Here!
  4. Official Instagram Page – Follow Here!
  5. YouTube Music Video Channel – Subscribe Here!
  6. Her Free Audio Music – Download Here!

Connect with Lydia Livingstone for more of her content and bookings. Additionally, she is ready to answer all your questions and possible worship with you. Book her for your live performance or live interview.

Similarly, you can book her for your brand advertisement, product promotion, and worship experience. We hope to see you learn and share more with her.

Summing Up,

Lydia would like to reach out her message through gospel music to every corner of the world. Similarly, she requests your partnership, sponsorship, and donation to facilitate her ministry and support abled talents.

Evangelism is a calling for and to those who thirst for Christ. Likewise, it requires care and support to overcome worldly challenges.

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