12 Betway | A Short Review For SA Beginner Betting Persons

Do you know how to bet on 12 Betway? If not, then worry no more. This review will cover everything regarding Betway, including step-by-step betting methods and different bet types.

For example, players can see 12, 1X2, 1X, XX, or X2 listed in the betting options.

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12 in this case indicates the home and away teams in a match.

1 refers to the home team, and 2 refers to the away team In this case, the first-choice goalkeeper is usually assigned the number 1 shirt as he or she is the first player in a line-up.

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The second-choice goalkeeper wears, on many occasions, shirt number 12 which is the first shirt of the second lineup, or number 13.

12 Betway Introduction

Betway is one of the top online betting platforms in South Africa and prides itself on quality services that SA punters can enjoy. Since its launch in 2006, Betway has been offering the best sporting online gambling experience. Punters can take advantage of the competitive odds, lucrative bonuses and promotional offers, and a wide variety of sport betting options.
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”12″ means that team 1 or team 2 will win the match. 1.34 is given for 12 as a double chance in the game between “citizens” and “aristocrats”


  • Trustworthy betting website
  • Attractive bonuses for new and existing punters
  • Licensed and regulated site in South Africa
  • Excellent customer support


  • Do not have boosted odds
  • Lack eSport games

How To Bet On Betway 2 In South Africa

Betting on Betway is straightforward and takes a couple of minutes to complete. To bet on Betway, you first need to create an account with them and log into your account. This also takes a few minutes.

Once you have completed the registration process, follow the step below to place your bet;

  • Log in to your Betway account.
  • Select the sport you prefer. There are over 20 sporting events on the homepage.
  • Choose a league from the many competitions covered by Betway. Since they many, it is advisable to choose wisely.
  • After selecting a league, now choose an event to bet on.
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    Since these events are also many, scroll a bit to select the ones you find interesting.

  • Select a market. The market ranges from basics to props and exotics. Betway’s aim is to have something for everyone.
  • Decide on the amount of stake to bet with.
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    This is available in the bet slip creation tool

  • Before finally placing your bet, countercheck everything to confirm everything is okay. Now you are good to go.

To avoid making mistakes or complicating things, place your bets on the sporting events you already follow.

Betway SA Sportsbook

Betway South Africa offers a wide collection of different sports to gamble on. These include American Football

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Formula 1
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Futsal
  • Tennis, and
  • Winter Sports

Types of Bets on 12 Betway 

You can opt for many different betting varieties when gambling at Betway SA. These different types of bets give you higher chances of winning as you will have additional betting options. They include:

1. Both Teams To Score

The objective of this type of bet is to predict both teams to score during the game.

2. First Team To Score

This type of bet requires gamblers to predict the team that will score first. As a result, bettors must predict the team that will score first and concedes the same goal.

3. Match Results

This bet predicts the team that will emerge as the winner in a match. Each game has three different outcomes, i.e., winner, loser, and draw.

4. Over/under

This is also referred to as a total bet. This bet is about the combined score of the teams playing in the game. To win, bettors must bet whether the total score will f

Final Verdict

12 Betway SA is one of the best online bookmakers in South Africa. Every element of the site is simple and accessible at any time. And as seen above, the process of betting on this platform is not hard. Always strive to wager on the right teams to win.

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