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WordPress Back Up

Not long ago I had no idea what in the world backing up a site was all about. Hence, no idea how to create full backups of my WordPress site until circumstances made me. I had to learn after getting hacked. Certainly, as a newbie, you’re probably as confused as I was. So what the hell are backups? The answer is fairly simple. A backup is simply a copy of your site that you can reinstall (restore) should something go wrong. It’s a failsafe, precautionary measure that saves you a lot of undue stress. It’s like an insurance policy that protects all the effort, time and money you’ve invested in your WordPress site.

WordPress Back Up Database

Your WordPress database contains every post, every comment and every link you have on your blog. If your database gets erased or corrupted, you stand to lose everything you have written. There are many reasons why this could happen and not all are things you can control. With a proper backup of your WordPress database and files, you can quickly restore things back to normal. Site backups are essential because problems inevitably occur. Not to mention, you need to be in a position to take action when disaster strikes. Spend a few minutes to make an easy, convenient backup of your database. This will allow you to spend even more time being creative and productive with your website.

There are two parts to backing up your WordPress site: Database and Files. You need to back up the entire site, and you need to back up your WordPress database. Below are instructions for backing up your WordPress database for various server programs. We will start by backing up the rest of your WordPress site.

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Use the settings in various combinations to backup your WordPress website.[/caption]

Your WordPress site consists of the following:

  1. WordPress Core Installation
  2.  Plugins
  3. Themes
  4. Images and Files
  5. JavaScript and PHP scripts, and other code files
  6. Additional Files and Static Web Pages

You use all these in various combinations to generate your website. The database contains your posts and a lot of data generated on your site. However, it does not include the above elements that all come together. To create the look and information on your site. There is a need to save.  Most hosts back up the entire server, including your site. Yet, it takes time to request a copy of your site from their backups, and a speedy recovery is critical. You need to learn how to back up your own site files and restore them.

Here are some methods to back up your site files:

Website Host Provided Backup Software: Most website hosts provide software to back up your site. Check with your host to find the services and programs they provide.

Create Sync With Your Site:  WinSCP and other programs allow to sync with your website to keep a mirror copy of the content on the server and update the hard drive. Hence, saves time and makes sure you have the latest files in both places.

Copy Your Files to Your Desktop: Using FTP Clients or UNIX Shell Skills you can copy the files to a folder on your computer. Once there, you can zip or compress them into a zip file to save space. Thus, allowing you to keep several versions.

Remember, keep at least three backups on file, just in case one is corrupted or lost. Store them in different places and mediums, like CD, DVD, different hard drives, etc. Continue Reading!

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