Everything you need to know about Norton Security Deluxe.

Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. Symantec’s latest product is designed to seamlessly and easily protect all your devices.

About Norton Anti-Virus and Cybersecurity Company

Protection Concept

Norton AntiVirus was engineered around the Intelligent Threat Protection concept: its core technology, the Norton Protection System. Also, uses multiple layers of security that work together to proactively block attacks and remove threats. Something that traditional virus detection methods cannot achieve. In addition, it checks all downloads, files, and applications before you can use them on your computer. Guards Security holes in your operating system and browser so no infections can get to you that way. Scans your emails and Instant Messages to detect potential threats.

Speed and Performance

Norton AntiVirus has top-notch performance: fast and light on system resources. Hence, it uses Norton Insight to scan only files that are at risk. This means fewer scans and therefore better PC performance. ItsSmart Scheduler feature initiates scans only when your PC is idle; Silent Mode engages automatically when playing games or watching movies so that alerts, updates And, scan delay until you are done; for laptops, Power Saver Settings delay power-hungry activities until your computer is plugged in.

Norton Insight Network

Norton AntiVirus protects you against today’s “rapid-fire” attacks, for which “signatures” don’t yet exist. This goes hand in hand with Norton Insight Network. That uses Symantec’s global security network to extract information about the very latest threats. Thus, prevent them from getting to your computer. Also, the SONAR 4 technology uses online intelligence and proactive monitoring to detect and block new threats. Finally, proactive monitoring allow frequent, small updates of Norton AntiVirus’s threat database. Meaning it is as current as can be in terms of latest threat detection.

Norton Threat Insight

Norton AntiVirus gives you information on threats that it has detected and removed. To know exactly what is going on with your computer, thanks to Norton Threat Insight. Also, Norton Download Insight warns you of dangerous downloads you are about to make. In addition, Norton File Insight shows you information about applications you are trying to install. Whether you can trust them or not and if they will impact your computer’s speed more than you’d like.

Updates and Downloads

Norton AntiVirus helps you keep your PC running at top speed with automatic and on-demand application optimization. Its Norton System Insight feature gives you a log of recent events such as downloads, installations, scans, and detected threats. So you can get a better understanding of what is slowing down your PC. It also provides you with resource usage graphs which help you pinpoint resource-heavy processes. Click here to see the Five Reasons why you need Norton Anti-Virus

What is Norton Security Deluxe?

Norton Security Deluxe is part of Symantec’s all-new 2017 product lineup, which has been greatly simplified comparing to previous years. Gone are Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 and Norton 360 Multi-Device. Customers now have a choice between Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Standard, and the Norton Security Premium. Norton Security Deluxe protects all your devices no matter what they are: PC, Mac®, tablet, smartphone. You don’t need to buy different security products for different devices. And as a user you don’t have to worry about what happens behind the scenes on these devices; your data and privacy are always safe.

Is Norton Security Deluxe the right Product for me?

If you are an individual with multiple devices but do not need or want to back up your data, yes. Do you use a desktop computer to store your pictures and videos at home? A tablet to video-chat with relatives when traveling? A smartphone to quickly check your emails on the bus? Norton Security Deluxe protect all these devices in a tailored manner. And, so can your privacy as you use them.   Thanks to Norton Security Deluxe’s ease of use you can add protection to a new device you just purchased. Or move protection from one device to another. Protecting your data and your personal information needs to be straightforward. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it, no matter what device you use at any point in time. If you are a current Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security user. Then, Norton Security Deluxe is the product to upgrade to. Not to worry, it is a very quick process and you will benefit from even more protection than before.

What are Norton Security Deluxe’s top Features and Benefits?

Norton Security Deluxe’s core value is to offer protection for all your devices, regardless of type. Without you worrying about what takes place in the background. To sum it up: choose what devices to safeguard and go about your business. Here are some of Norton Security Deluxe’s most notable features and benefits: 1. Currently using Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security? Upgrading is easy. 2.  Norton Security Deluxe is a single solution to protect all your devices: PC, Mac®, tablet or smartphone (5 devices maximum). 3.  Protect against viruses, spyware, dangerous websites and downloads, spammers, hackers and more. 4.  Buying more devices? No problem, they are covered. Just add them to your subscription. 5.  Need to transfer protection from one device to another after an upgrade? Easily done. 6.  Lost your tablet or smartphone? Locate it or wipe out its data instantly to prevent unauthorized access. Simplify your life. Enjoy your many devices without worrying. In case you need any support read more here.]]>

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