Kaspersky Antivirus General Protection Facts

To enumerate, the Kaspersky Antivirus is a program developed by Kaspersky Lab. It is designed to protect users from malware.

Additionally, it is primarily designed for computers running Microsoft Windows and macOS. Although a version for Linux is available for business consumers.

In fact, the Lab’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise are constantly transforming into next-generation security solutions and services. To protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe.

Kaspersky Antivirus
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Kaspersky Antivirus, Worth Trying OR a Dead Horse?

About the Kaspersky Antivirus Lab

Kaspersky Antivirus Lab is known as global cybersecurity company with 20 years of existence in the world of Cybersecurity.

Headquartered in the Russian Federation, Kaspersky Lab is constantly thriving to stay in the list of top 10 security solution providers in the world. However, in the last 2 years, their reputation is questioned due to multiple aspects.

Since the last couple of years, they have been providing NextGen security solutions & services. In particular, to protect consumers, businesses, governments and critical infrastructures around the globe.

Kaspersky Antivirus Lab has constantly contributed to designing specialized security solutions. In that case, to fight classy and developing digital threats. Though allegations on its reputation are still unpleasant however, it served around 400 million consumers.

And helped around 270,000 corporate clients in the last 2 decades. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection. In addition to a number of specialized security solutions and services.

As a result, the Kaspersky Antivirus fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats.

Behind the Kaspersky Antivirus Controversy

Notably, the Kaspersky Antivirus has always been a competition to top-notch Antivirus companies. Like Norton, McAfee, AVG or Avast and was giving a good fight however in 2017, Kaspersky Labs got into controversy.

For one thing, the US Government barred Federal Agencies from using Kaspersky Lab’s cybersecurity software. Over fears that the firm has connections with spying agencies.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was concerned about the link between Kaspersky officials. With Russian intelligence and other government agencies.

Whereas, the Russian law allowed Russian Intelligence agencies to demand or induce support from Kaspersky. Particularly, to capture communications transiting on Russian networks.

Moreover, their products are banned for US Agencies however consumers are still loving Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Antivirus Cloud Security 
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Kaspersky anti-virus next-generation security solutions and services.

Kaspersky Antivirus Cloud Security 

Introducing patented Adaptive Security that adapts to your life to keep you safe.

Over the last two decades, Kaspersky virus protection has been molded to perfection. They have taken all the best of their award-winning solutions.

There are several attributes that make the service unique. Including,

1. Patented Adaptive Security

Adaptive security technology is bespoke by definition. Hence, responding to your lifestyle within the context of the ever-shifting cybersecurity landscape.

The technology anticipates danger, advises you when there is a need for action.

Automatically, updates your device settings when the need arises. Not only does it shield you from direct cyber-threats. Also, reassures you that the things you care about are secure.

2. Account-based Control

The service ties to the subscription owner’s My Kaspersky account, rather than to a license.

This means that security management features found in My Kaspersky allow you to configure your security any way you want.

And, if you purchase their Family Edition you become the Master Account Holder. That enables you to share security with family members and friends.

For instance, every individual can have their own My Kaspersky account. Thus, the solution will adapt itself to their personal needs and online habits.

3. Platform Agnostic Flexibility

The service works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Therefore, if you need to manage your account from a shared device you can access through the My Kaspersky website.

4. State-of-the-art Innovation

The service is constantly developing. Hence, all the latest tools, feature, and technologies will appear first in Kaspersky Security Cloud.

So, how do their adaptive technologies help you through your day? Learn More!

Installation Setup of the Kaspersky Antivirus

Once downloaded setup will initiate itself and will come to the home screen.

However, it’s free for 30 days and won’t ask for your card details until you make up your mind to purchase it.

Free Antivirus Download
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This product is loaded with numerous tools and customizable settings for your ease of convenience.

Download Kaspersky for Free Here!

The trial version allows you to update its definition database. To enable rest of the options like Safe Money, Privacy Protection, Parental Control and Protection for Multiple Devices, you will need to upgrade to a paid version.

Additionally, it’s bundled with a system cleaner and optimization option. Though it’s not available with free versions. You will need to go for a paid version to relish these services.

Our Final Verdict on Kaspersky Antivirus

Important to realize, the Kaspersky Antivirus constantly did well in our protection tests. For example, demonstrating as a great program to detect and block malware threats on any PC.

Test says Kaspersky has a brief feature list, however, Kaspersky Antivirus engine is precise and dependable with zero threats.

Equally important, Kaspersky Antivirus got all thumbs up from our testing labs. Especially, with perfect scores and it remains an Antivirus of Editors’ Choice too. On the other hand, for systems running with Windows.

It has proven extraordinary skills against malware and phishing attacks. For one thing, its inbuilt keyboard will keep complex information safe while accessing online accounts.

In addition, the safe browser feature list out trusted sites for a safe visit. Although, it does cause sluggish performance during system scans.

Of course, which is common with all of them but who cares. As a matter of fact, when you are getting the best and most accurate antivirus.

Kaspersky Lab Product Awards
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Kaspersky Lab Product Awards. For on tests and awards, please click the image!

Resourceful References;

The core antivirus technology is like what’s there in Kaspersky Free, however, the paid version includes a set of bonus scans. In addition, it also allows you to configure settings and the ability to get the best tech support via phone or live chat.

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