Joy Mugambi Biography

Who is Joy Mugambi

Joy Mugambi aka Makanda Margaret is a Kenyan gospel singer born again worshipper, singer, choir leader, songwriter, composer, and counselor. Well-known for Yesu Onyala (Jesus you are able) song that is a Luhya song. And, Jiwe Yesu (Jesus the solid rock) sang in churches across Kenya.
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An inspiration to many that Joy Mugambi has mentored and are now great leaders in the nation[/caption]

The early life of Joy Mugambi

Joy was born in the western part of Kenya, Bungoma county Mt. Elgon sub-county. To Mr. Isaac Makanda Takei (Kenyan father) and Jane Khalija (Ugandan mother) a third born in a family of 15 children. As a result, she speaks Saboat, Bukusu, Luganda, Lugisu, Kiswahili, English. And, now Ameru where she is married to Mr. Christopher Mugambi and a mother of 3.

Joy Mugambi School Life

Joy Mugambi attended school at Bubulo Primary School in Uganda to class 6. Then, transferred to Kenya Tamulega primary school. Later to Kolanya girls high school where her singing gift begun. She wedded the love of her life in 2005 Mr. Christopher Mugambi an associate minister and a leader of the evangelism team in Life Church International. Surprisingly,  The church is under Apostle Dr. David Juma and Asunta Juma who is also a leader of Emmanuel fellowship Evangelistic interdenominational ministry Kenya.
[caption id="attachment_10183" align="aligncenter" width="922"]joy mugambi Joy Mugambi is a Kenyan gospel singer born again worshipper, singer, choir leader, songwriter, composer, and counselor.[/caption]

Her Musical journey

Joy started singing at 12yrs both in church and school. At 14yrs she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Then, joined praise and worship, choir, and singing club in secondary schools. Indeed, this exposed her to different groups like bands that she continued sharpening her gift and ministry in singing.

Releasing the First Album

Joy Mugambi released her first album that was received well in the nation. Hence, earning her invitations to local radio and tv stations in Kenya. This opened many doors of ministry to the Nations like ministry in Uganda and Tanzania. Her second album Jiwe Yesu widened span of ministry and now has released a 3rd album entitled Mungu Wangu.

Her inspirations

Joy Mugambi is a child who was born out of wedlock as she narrates on one of our interviews. Born from a Ugandan mother and a Kenyan father. However, she stayed with her mother up to class 6 in Uganda. Later, rejoined with her father after much-contested family battles which ruled in favor of the father. This means that Joy was to rejoin his fathers land Kenya without her mother. She knows the problems of children under single parenthood, or no parent. Thereby, becoming an inspiration to many that she has mentored and are now great leaders in the nation. Joy Mugambi knows the best court and its rulings are in Gods favor. Hence, she puts all her trust in God. Watch Joy Mugambi’s most recent music videos for free by clicking the video player below;

Her Achievements

Joy Mugambi runs a Joy Music Foundation assisting the less fortunate in society. Also, runs a counseling ministry on Youth and Family matters. She has mentored and counseled many morally and spiritually whereas she loves equipping new believers on the word of God. Joy Mugambi is a professional medical technologist running Emmanuel laboratory supplies as the director.

Joy Mugambi Social Media Profiles

Not only is Joy Mugambi available through this Blog Post but you’ll find her on her social media profiles. In addition, together with her Online Communication Team, she stays proactive with daily inspirational messages. Below you’ll find the breakdown of all her available Social Media Platforms.